Worcester County obituaries, Oct. 20, 2016

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Today’s obituary listings from Central Mass. funeral homes.

Wesley M. Adams, 71, of Phillipston

Susan E. (Erickson) Anderson, 69, of Worcester

Dawn M. Aubin, 47, of Worcester

Elaine T. (Cutler) Auger, 57, of Putnam, Conn.

William R. “Bill” Bellofatto, Jr., 84, of Hubbardston

Eric Winford Bjornlund, 92, of Shrewsbury

Greta (Stuckens) Brennan, 88, of North Oxford

Linda D. (Hearnlaye) Chouinard 47, of Charlton

John A. Clinton, 71, of Worcester

Frank A. Cosentino Jr., 75, of Winchendon

Dennis M. Cummins, 64, of Shrewsbury

Caragh Lynne D’Arcy, 32, of Worcester

Betty J. (Ballard) Dumas, 84, of Fitchburg and Susquehanna, Pa.

Myra Edwards, 82, of Dudley

Louis Ethier, 86, of Worcester

Lillian E. (Johnson) Erickson, 99, of Holden, Palmetto, Fla., and Falmouth

Louis Ethier, 86, of Worcester

Carol M. (Beck) Fenlon, 82, of Worcester

James T. Garceau, 53, of Worcester

Doris (Gabriella) Gauthier, 83, of Worcester

Robert F. Gervais, 81, of Leicester

Earl James “Jim” Gibbons, Jr., 79, of Holden

Theresa A. (Dupuis) Glenny, 86, of Lunenburg

Helen “Hey Hel” (McGurl) Glynn, 84, of Lakeland, Fla., and Rutland

Robert J. Gorczynski, 69, of Shrewsbury and Sterling

Leroy A. Hawkins, Sr., 88, of Westminster

Eleanor T. (Neal) Hawley, 95, of Worcester

Paul R. Henault, 81, of West Boylston

William C. Kay, III, 46, of Worcester

John Keaney, 77, of Worcester

John H. “Jack” Kendall, 67, of Leominster

Richard S. Keyes, 67, of Leicester

Sylvia H. Kulvete, 87, of Gardner

Kenneth F. Lambert, 73, of Forest Port N.Y., and Dudley

Benjamin J. Lanning, 60, of Union, Conn.

Nancy M. (Suglia) Lorion, 94, of Gardner

Margaret F. (Forstner) Malkin, 84, of Natick and Grafton

Bruce Turner Marshall, 54, of Worcester

Anthony J. “Tony” Mazzapica, 28, of Worcester

Glenn J. Morin, 57, of Fiskdale

Kathleen F. (Griffin) Murphy, 92, of Leominster

Florence R. Niles, 73, of Worcester

Donald E. “Ducky” Norman, 81, of Whitman

James E. O’Connor, Sr., 85, of Auburn

Evelyn M. (Vachon) Perkins, 94, of Fitchburg

Seth Allen Phillips, 27, of Southbridge

Frances M. (Loughlin) Przybyszewski, 98, of Leominster

William C. Radzik, 98, of South Grafton

Misty K. Reusser, 40, of Leicester

Mary L. (Ferris) Rhodes, 58, of Southborough

Genevieve P. (Bendoraitis) Rose, 90, of Worcester

Joy S. Rosmond, 71, of Winchendon

Norman H. Savageau, 94, of Worcester

Kevin R. Shugrue, 58, of Uxbridge

Lillian A. (Kardokas) Sinclair, 80, of Oxford

Glenn F. Smith, 65, of Holden

Mildred T. (Roy) Snow, 89, of Worcester

John P. “Jack” Sullivan, 55, of Worcester

Paul Talancy, 68, of Worcester

Irene G. (Lemieux) Tripp, 86, of North Brookfield

Antoine C. “Tony” Trudeau, 88, of Southbridge

Michael L. Turini, 64, of Clinton

Leonard I. “Lenny” Upgard, 85, of Millbury

Michael J. Urban, 83, of Auburn

William L. “Rip” VanWinkle, 93, of Auburn

Scott VonDeck, 53, of Ashburnham

Lisa DeArmond Wagner, 47, of Westborough

Richard E. “Dick” Wagner, 78, of Webster

Arline D. Wahlstrom, 96, of Sutton

Betty I. (Galbraith) Wartman, 97, of Sterling

Joan A. (Boyle) White, 80, of Shrewsbury

Lucy A. (Kuras) Witek, 94, of Uxbridge

Jane S. (Pieniazek) Wondolowski, 95, of Shrewsbury

Theresa M. (Ricardi) Adua Woodman, 88, of Sterling

Mary A. (Davis) Young, 51, of Winchendon

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