November 27, 2016

Worcester Weekly: Festival of Lights, tough call at Clark + more to do, Nov. 27-Dec. 3

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Courtesy Sam James

A Clarkie conundrum

Wednesday, Nov. 30 — Clark women’s basketball vs. Mount Holyoke, 7 p.m., Kneller Athletic Center, Clark University, 950 Main St.  This is not your average Wednesday evening at Clark University, thank you very much. There’s a lot to think about here: Do we support our fellow students, female athletes at that; or do we fill our liberally hued craniums with more stories of oppression at a lecture about housing evictions? All this and we’re still dealing with Trump. What is a Clarkie to do?

Well, Cougar fans, or anyone else who enjoys the competitive spirit of collegiate athletics, would do well to wend their way through campus and find a seat at the Kneller center to watch junior star Sam O’Gara and teammates take on the Panthers.

O’Gara, a Worcester native and Claremont Academy graduate, has started and been Clark’s leading scorer since her freshman season. She’s averaging 19.5 points per game amid a 3-1 start to this season.

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Wednesday, Nov. 30 — “Eviction: Poverty and Profit in the American City” lecture, 7-9 p.m., Room 320, Jefferson Academic Center, Clark University, 950 Main St.  Or … you could get in real good with your sociology professor and attend this lecture. Matthew Desmond has made a career out of highlighting and trying to understand the effects of eviction on the urban poor and their neighbors. And he’s pretty good at it — what with the MacArthur fellowship and Harvard professorship, and blah, blah. Showoff.

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WAFT in action ...

Courtesy WAFT / Matthew Griffin

WAFT in action …

Anyhow, we digress: In this free lecture, he discusses his 2016 book, which follows tenants and landlords through the eviction process.

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Thursday, Dec. 1 — CC Lowell New Location Grand Opening, 5-8 p.m., 455 Pleasant St.  CC Lowell Paint Supply Co. and Custom Framing has been around the block. Like, literally: The store’s moved so many times it’s probably been around the block from just about every other business in Worcester. Indeed, these guys have been relocating in and around downtown — Pearl Street, Mechanic Street, Park Ave. — since 1852 and have become an institution no matter where you can find them. And apparently customers always do.

This time on the corner of Hudson Street (formerly Johnny Mac’s sports bar), they’re opening with a party: raffles, gifts, art demonstrations, music and refreshments. They know how to keep folks coming back.

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Friday, Dec. 2 — Festival of Lights, 5-9 p.m., Worcester Common Oval, behind City Hall, 455 Main St.  Three words, ladies and gentlemen, three words: Food. Truck. Rodeo. Listen, I’m not sure why it’s a rodeo or what a rodeo has to do with Worcester or the holidays, but really it’s those first two words that count. And lining up behind the legendary Dogfather, the city’s rounded up an impressive and eclectic list of vendors, including the usual Thursday Common staples (Say Cheese, Press’n It), plus Sabor Latino, Big T’s Jerky House, Minuteman Kettle Corn and many more.

Sam James brings his "Voice" to the Festival of Lights.

Courtesy Sam James

Sam James brings his “Voice” to the Festival of Lights.

There’s a ton of other stuff to rope you in, too, including the dulcet tones of Sam James (of TV’s “The Voice” and Worcester Sun fame — check out our Q&A here), free ice skating on the Oval, performances, carriage rides, tree lighting. Oh, and some dude named Santa Claus. Saddle up, cowpoke!

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Saturday, Dec. 3 — Holiday Help Series: Healthy Holiday Baking, 2:30-4 p.m., Saxe Room, Worcester Public Library, 3 Salem Square  Sometimes we need to be reminded that it’s OK to ask for help. You’re not alone. Just put down that tub of salted cream butter, leave the double chocolate icing and follow me. Put it down! … Everything’s going to be all right. Worcester Public Library has all the ingredients for a slimmer holiday bottom line. So, maybe not all the ingredients, but, y’know, all the good-and-healthy ones. The best part: taste and share recipes — but registering early is requested as space may become limited at this free event.

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