January 18, 2017

Editorial: 2 churches, 1 City Council, 0 easy answers

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Sun Staff

Notre Dame des Canadiens church is on its way out. Is a new baseball stadium on its way in; and what does that say about city officials' priorities.

Civic engagement is the hallmark of a functioning representative democracy.

So familiar are such phrases as “get involved,” “pick up the phone” and “show up” that it seems as if every civic event contains some exhortation for public participation in the political process.

In recent weeks and months, those picking up the phone, getting involved and showing up have done so to discuss the fates of two historic churches, Our Lady of Mount Carmel on Mulberry Street and Notre Dame des Canadiens at Salem Square.

As of Tuesday, Jan. 17, Preservation Worcester had 1,254 supporters of a petition that calls on City Square II Development Co., owners of Notre Dame des Canadiens, “to make every effort to collaborate with the city’s historic preservation community and interested parties to find a productive reuse of this historic 1929 structure.”

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Moreover, the petition asks City Council “to work with the owner and to bring its influence and resources to bear in encouraging the owner to find alternatives to the planned demolition of the building.”

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