January 5, 2017

Worcester County obituaries, Jan. 6, 2017

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Today’s obituary listings from Central Mass. funeral homes.


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Delia “Del” (Dululio) Amorosi, 98, of Leominster — Obituary

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Maxwell F. Baker, 23, of Sterling — Obituary

Judith May Barnes, 72, of Westborough — Obituary

Simone M. (Bergeron) Beaupre, 94, of Sturbridge — Obituary

Barbara A. (Bourke) Bellerose, 91, of Worcester — Obituary

Gail M. (White) Blanchard, 76, of Westminster — Obituary

Charles G. Brezny, 70, of Dudley — Obituary

Harold E. Briggs, Jr., 73, of Douglas — Obituary

Micheline “Mimi” (Quidoz) Brisson, 70, of Worcester — Obituary

Laura Mae (Grenier) Burns, 83, of Palm Bay, Fla., and Worcester — Obituary

Everett A. Byrnes, infant, of Hopedale — Obituary

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Richard Caron, 69, of Grafton — Obituary

Therese R.M. (Cloutier) Carpenter, 85, of Worcester — Obituary

Francis T. “Fritz” Conley, 83, of Uxbridge — Obituary

Henry Consalvo, 91, of Leominster — Obituary

Dr. Irving Johnston Crumlin II, 66, of Worcester — Obituary

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Lawrence “Larry” D’Agostino, 86, of Worcester — Obituary

William M. Daly, 78, of Northbridge — Obituary

Richard C. Deignan, 90, of Worcester — Obituary

Michael J. Dell’Aquila, 83, of Auburn — Obituary

Alice A. (Liubauskas) Donovan, 98, of Millbury and Hingham — Obituary

Catherine C. Dowd, 64, of Concord, N.H., and Clinton — Obituary

Jose Antonio Reyes Duarte, 54, of Worcester — Obituary

Thanas Dudo, 91, of Worcester — Obituary

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Joseph R. Fleming, 79, of West Boylston and Jefferson — Obituary

Michael W. Fleming, 59, of Millville — Obituary

John Michael Fruit, 66, of Templeton — Obituary

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Joann (Budzinski) Gemborys, 77, of Gardner — Obituary

Celia P. Giron, 67, of Leominster — Obituary

Philip R. Goneau, 68, of Clinton — Obituary

Stephen Gottlieb, 66, of Woodstock, Conn. — Obituary

Pauline R. (Donald) Greenhalgh, 100, of Uxbridge — Obituary

Alfred E. Guardiani, 90, of Worcester — Obituary

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Jaiquan R. Harris, 21, of Worcester — Obituary

Richard B. Hawkins MD, 75, of Fitchburg — Obituary

Mark William Holland, 64, of Gardner — Obituary

Serge Floyd Hummon, 99, of Holden — Obituary

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Eusebia Jacoby — Obituary

Jessie A. (Waire) Johnson, 93, of Worcester — Obituary

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Elaine Priscilla (Alden) Kennedy, 71, of Lancaster — Obituary

Joseph Kukta, 86, of Westminster — Obituary

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Ronald M. Ledoux, 73, of Northborough — Obituary

Zachary D. Light, 22, of Sutton — Obituary

Ervin Lipke, 76, of Westminster — Obituary

Robert Lovett, Jr., 69, of Worcester — Obituary

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Howard H. Mann, 89, of Rutland — Obituary

Richard J. McChristian, 74, of Lunenburg — Obituary

Charles P. McDonald, 75 — Obituary

Michael J. “Jim” McKay, 52, of Shrewsbury — Obituary

Leopold A. McLune, 69, of Worcester — Obituary

Henry A. Metterville, Jr., 93, of Brookfield — Obituary

Lawrence Hedley “Lormy” Mounce, 95, of  Athol — Obituary

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Hansel Kery Nieves, 34, of Worcester — Obituary

Peter A. Norton, 59, of Shrewsbury — Obituary

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Joyce M. (Paquin) Odorski, 75, of Worcester — Obituary

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Michael J. Passmore, 24, of West Boylston — Obituary

Harry W. Pearson, 92, of Barre — Obituary

Henry P. Perla, 91, of Leominster — Obituary

Henry T. Perron, 88, of Leicester — Obituary

Richard E. Pierce Sr., 80, of Gardner — Obituary

Richard A. Powers, 68, of Leicester — Obituary

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Wilfred “Bill” J. Quiry, Jr., 78, of Jefferson — Obituary

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Clairette A. (Martel) Ricard, 88, of Dudley — Obituary

Shirley H. (Rathburn) Recos, 81, of Orange and Petersham — Obituary

Todd T. Reed, 31, of Southbridge — Obituary

Thomas M. Reilly, 61, of Millbury — Obituary

Pauline Marie Rene, 76, of Worcester — Obituary

Clairette A. (Martel) Ricard, 88, of Dudley — Obituary

William “Bill” J. Richer, 66, of Brimfield — Obituary

Michael F. Rinaldo III, 25, of Worcester — Obituary

Henry L. “Hank” Robichaud, 91, of Baldwinville and Gardner — Obituary

Ruth Mildred (Goodale) Rowe, 99, of Athol — Obituary

Betty L. (Catanese) Russell, 84, of Winchendon — Obituary

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George R. Shonbeck — Obituary

Simon Sierak, 80, of Brookfield — Obituary

Walter T. Smith, Sr. 88, of Southbridge — Obituary

Evelyn M. Snarskis, 79, of Holden — Obituary

Joshua M. Spellman, 29, of Charlton — Obituary

Jean (Newcomb) Squitero, 83, of Barre — Obituary

Norma F. (Dussault) Marment Stolakis, 83, of Worcester — Obituary

Robert W. Stone, 88, of North Oxford — Obituary

William P. Stott, 93, of Worcester and Shrewsbury — Obituary

Beverly A. (Yoder) Strong, 71, of Oxford and Princeton — Obituary

Shannon Noelle (Sinders) Sullivan, 50, of North Oxford — Obituary

Ronald N. Syriac, 86, of Woodstock, Conn. — Obituary

Robert A. Szlyk, 75, of Northborough — Obituary

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John E. Tamulen, 58, of Gardner — Obituary

Alfred E. Tellier, 86, of Putnam, Conn. — Obituary

Stephen Bryant Thorne, 58, of Murfreesboro, Tenn., and Lunenburg — Obituary

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Jane Vazquez, 27, of Worcester — Obituary

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Dennis G. Wadsworth, 64, of Holland and Westborough — Obituary

Ann M. (O’Grady) Walsh, 89 — Obituary

Judith Anne (Roche) Welch, 59, of Leominster — Obituary

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Ronald W. Yee, 63, of Shrewsbury, and Brookline — Obituary

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Anna (Goj) Zukowski, 90, of Worcester — Obituary

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