February 10, 2017

Worcester County obituaries, Feb. 10, 2017

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Today’s obituary listings from Central Mass. funeral homes.


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Elizabeth B. (Botham) Adams, age 97, of Ashford, Conn. — Obituary

Leon Ago, 68, of Worcester — Obituary

John H. Ainsworth, 62, of Webster — Obituary

Thomas A. Arrell, 58, of Oxford — Obituary

Ernest Basile (Ernie) Athens, 90, of Hubbardston — Obituaries

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Adam S. Balcewicz, 90, of Auburn — Obituary

Estella “Stella” (Sanchez) Baril, 86, of Westminster — Obituary

Jeffery W. Bathgate, 54, of Oxford — Obituary

Lucille E. (Montville) Belanger, 91, of Webster — Obituary

Stephen M. Benkowski Sr., 74, of Hudson, Fla., and Dudley — Obituary

Tammy M. (Houle) Bennett, 58, of Putnam, Conn. — Obituary

Victoria J. “Vicky” Blake, 68, of Gardner — Obituary

Joan Kathleen (Healy) Blid, 76 — Obituary

Pauline M. “Pin” Bourdelais, 65, of Sturbridge — Obituary

Robert L. Brook, 56, of Uxbridge — Obituary

John W. Burke, 63, of Auburn — Obituary

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Dorothy M. Choiniere, 91, of Dudley — Obituary

David S. Cochran, 84, of Winchendon — Obituary

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Ralph L. Davidson, 89, of Clinton — Obituary

Irene D. (Miville) Pooler Dennison, 84, of Blackstone — Obituary

Carol A. (Jakubowicz) Desmarais, 70, of New Ipswich, N.H., and Worcester — Obituary

Susan M. (Anderson) Desrosiers, 67, of North Oxford — Obituary

Sister Frances Donahue, 87, of Worcester — Obituary

Joseph Smith Donohue, Jr., 71, of Millbury — Obituary

Fernand R. “Pete” Dubois, 91, of Shrewsbury and Westborough — Obituary

Curt A. Durling, 61, of Charlton — Obituary

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Patricia F. (Gardner) Fawcett, 64, of Sanger, Calif., and Clinton — Obituary

Albert S. Feldman, 93, of Worcester and Westborough — Obituary

Anna Lucy Floser, 80, of Medfield and Grafton — Obituary

Priscilla A.”Penny” (Meade) Flot, 86, of Westborough and Southborough — Obituary

Jeremiah L. Fluet, 38, of Leominster — Obituary

Dennis A. Fountain, 55, of Oxford — Obituary

Nancy J. (Johnson) Fournier, 75, of Dudley — Obituary

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Elizabeth M. Gardella, 73, of Worcester — Obituary

Jane (Sherry) Gardner, 70, of Fiskdale — Obituary

Patrick J. Gillis, 66, of Paxton — Obituary

David W. Glass of South Spencer — Obituary

Lee H. Goodstone, 84, of Southbridge — Obituary

Cheryl E. (Naylor) Grant, 67, of Uxbridge — Obituary

Patricia A. (Mulhern) Gustafson, 66, of Worcester — Obituary

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Amedee J. Hebert, 90, of Southbridge — Obituary

Doris A. (Boucher) Hill, 97, of Auburn — Obituary

James A. Holbrook, 81, of Bolton — Obituary

David A. Howley, 65, of Hopedale — Obituary

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Agnes A. Jankowski, 96, of Worcester — Obituary

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Mary Beth (Pollier) Kelly, 57, of Shrewsbury — Obituary

Steven Klinke, 62, of Athol — Obituary

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Carolyn R. (Sonta) Lane, 70, of Charlton — Obituary

Caroline R. (Shivick) Lavallee, 80, of Rochdale — Obituary

James Lennon, 87, of Whitinsville and Worcester — Obituary

Thomaq V. Lera, 82, of Southbridge — Obituary

Gordon L. Lomax, Sr. of Charlton — Obituary

Alejandro A. “AJ” Lorente, 11, of Dudley — Obituary

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Sheila Mary Mackinnon, 85, of Hardwick — Obituary

Robert “Bob” J. McDonald, 57, of Millbury — Obituary

Nancy L. (Racine) Maffei, 77, of Melbourne Beach, Fla., and Worcester — Obituary

Rachel M. (Kimbell) Gallagher Meier, 89, of Leominster — Obituary

Lorrie E. (Young) Meskowskus, 62, of Gardner — Obituary

Reverend Edward J. Moran, 81, of Worcester — Obituary

Julienne H. (Lambert) Mulcahy, 84, of Worcester — Obituary

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Nilda Milagros Nogueras, 56, of Worcester — Obituary

Lorraine J. (Vasseur) Norcross, 89, of Leicester — Obituary

Stephen Nowak, 91, of Jefferson — Obituary

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John R. Oslowski, 55 — Obituary

Sven Osterback, 75, of Worcester, Sweden and Finland — Obituary

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Sandra J. Pappas, 63, of Southbridge — Obituary

Mary Agnes (McElroy) Patenaude, 82, of Worcester — Obituary

Lawrence Hanscom Peavey, Jr., 90, of Athol — Obituary

Kathleen Marie (White) Peterson, 75, of North Brookfield — Obituary

Anna (Szpyrka) Andrzejewski Przystas, 92, of North Grosvenordale, Conn., and Wayland — Obituary

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Mary M. (Stavrou) Rossetti, 97, of Worcester — Obituary

Geneva M. (LeBlanc) Roy, 93, of Leominster — Obituary

Theresa “Cookie” (Duhamel) Roy, 88, of Charlton — Obituary

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Carlene H. (Pulkkinen) St. Francis, 69, of Worcester — Obituary

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Theodore “Teddy” Tembenis, 83, of Worcester — Obituary

Victor L. Tetreault, 85, of Mendon — Obituary

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Nancy Ullstrom, 82, of Charlton — Obituary

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William A. “Fritz” Wiedergott, 82, of Northborough and Southborough — Obituary

Shenshen Wu, 73, of Shrewsbury — Obituary

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Eva M. (Yost) Yeiter, 88, of Berlin — Obituary

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John F. Zecco Jr., 65, of Worcester — Obituary

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