February 22, 2017

Worcester County obituaries, Feb. 22, 2017

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Today’s obituary listings from Central Mass. funeral homes.


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Mary R. Andrews, 91, of Whitinsville — Obituary

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Shirley (Shipman) Badgley of Shrewsbury — Obituary

Charles Adams Bauman, 64, of Leominster — Obituary

Madeline Bennett of Killingly, Conn. — Obituary

Alice (Gaucher) Benoit, 77, of Putnam, Conn. — Obituary

George F. Bernardin, 83, of West Boylston — Obituary

Rachel M. “Babe” (Picard) Blair, 83, of Whitinsville — Obituary

Gladys (Coon) Boudreau, 88, of Fiskdale — Obituary

Scott William Brandt, 57 — Obituary

Raymond H. Brezniak, 80, of Leicester — Obituary

Jean M. (Cormier)  Galbraith Brideau, 93, of Leominster — Obituary

Alice C. (Woodcock) Brigham 87, of Oxford — Obituary

Dwight D. Brigham, 75, of Dudley and Charlton — Obituary

Roger D. Brochu, 83, of Westminster — Obituary

Jeffrey M. Brodsky, 50, of Clinton — Obituary

Mary V. (Anisko) Brzozowski, 91, of Auburn — Obituary

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Ronald A. Cardin, 80, of Webster — Obituary

Elizabeth C. Carpenter, 76, of Auburn — Obituary

Theresa M. Casey, 89, of North Oxford — Obituary

Kenneth H. Chappel, 90, of Fitchburg — Obituary

Louis A. Chaput, 92, of Worcester — Obituary

David J. Cucchiara, 74, of Leominster — Obituary

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Robert V. Deiana, 79, of Grafton and Pocasset — Obituary

Margaret M. (Montmorency) Herold DeLong, 101, of Worcester — Obituary

Pasquale J. (Pat) DiBara, 84, of West Boylston — Obituary

Robert J. DiPerrio, 85, of Holden — Obituary

Francis X. Dufault, Jr., MD, 89, of Worcester — Obituary

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Barbara A. (Bottcher) Erikson, 82, of Worcester — Obituary

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Muriel C. (Logan) Fleming, 87, of Paxton and Worcester — Obituary

Douglas H. Forrester, 93, of Leominster — Obituary

Frederick H. Foster, 77, of Wales — Obituary

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Ronald L. Giroux, 77, of Millbury — Obituary

Ellen M. (Morrison) Goguen, 74, of Fitchburg and Leominster — Obituary

Sadie M. (Merriman) Grady, 90, of Clinton — Obituary

Jewell T. (Trammell) Graves, 79, of Worcester — Obituary

Stella A. (Maldonis) Grenier, 90, of Leominster — Obituary

Frances M. Grigas, 89, of Worcester — Obituary

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Janet D. (Cunningham) Hanlon, 70, of Webster — Obituary

Clifford C. Harmon, 87, of Worcester — Obituary

Mildred B. (Batchelder) Hirst, 97, of Sterling — Obituary

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Everett M. Joseph, 83, of Shrewsbury — Obituary

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Patrick Michael Keaney, Jr., 24, of Hopedale — Obituary

Virginia May Keyes, 98, of Athol — Obituary

Rita B. (Placzek) Kolak of Webster — Obituary

Eleonora (Szmigel) Kowalczyk, 94, of Clinton — Obituary

Anthony Krasuzki, 72, of West Brookfield — Obituary

Marjeta Kristo, 64, of Worcester — Obituary

Harold “Harry” H. (Heinrichs) Kuniholm, 91, of Athol — Obituary

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Luke Q. Leatham, 1, of Webster — Obituary

Jeannette (Mongeon) Linder, 84, of Millbury — Obituary

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John J. Mackie, 50, of Leominster — Obituary

Jane E. (McCue) Magner, RNFNP, 60, of South Yarmouth and  Worcester — Obituary

Jeannine A. Maillet, 83, of Auburn — Obituary

Robert A. Markham, 86, of Lunenburg — Obituary

Anna May (Jones) Mathewson, 89, of Oxford — Obituary

Ann Mattson,80, of Bow, N.H., and South Barre — Obituary

Leta M. (Brewer) McGee, 75, of Shrewsbury — Obituary

Thomas H. Menard, Sr., 82, of Worcester — Obituary

Beverly A. (Dauphinais) Miner, 78, of Grafton — Obituary

Lorraine C. (Lambert) Morse, 82, of Worcester — Obituary

Marjorie A. (Weir) Murphy, 81, of Auburn — Obituary

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Verken (Ovian) Naroian, 91, of Whitinsville — Obituary

Robert Nugent, 71, of Worcester and Hingham — Obituary

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Blanche R. (Allen) Odiorne, 98, of Warren — Obituary

Elias “Dusty” Ormsby, 87, of Gardner — Obituary

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Abraham E. Pappo, 77, of Worcester — Obituary

Charles H. Peterson Jr., 83, of Grafton — Obituary

Kendall C. Postma, 70, of Oxford — Obituary

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George H. Raymond, 69, of Putnam, Conn., and Webster — Obituary

Marjorie J. Muise (Mead) Repta, 76, of Grafton — Obituary

Aline A. (Richard) (Gallant) Rotti, 84, of Gardner — Obituary

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Ruth M. Shea, 97, of Worcester — Obituary

JoAnn F. Shepardson, 73, of Athol and Orange — Obituary

Donald W. Simmons, 67, of Worcester — Obituary

Ann-Louise “Bunny” Spencer, 76, of Westminster and Uxbridge — Obituary

Barbara A. (Ward) Spencer 73, of North Brookfield — Obituary

Christine R. (Jordan) Styles, 64, of Spencer — Obituary

Rudolf K. Swenson, 98, of Sutton — Obituary

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Jennifer J. (Curylo) Thompson, 45, of Barre — Obituary

Edward C. Trombly, 80, of Gardner — Obituary

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Marilyn J. (Burns) Valerius, 84, of West Brookfield — Obituary

Geraldo R. “JeJe” Vega, 40, of Holden and Worcester — Obituary

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Joseph F. Whalen Jr., 86, of Worcester — Obituary

Charles C. Williams, Jr., 87, of Milford — Obituary

Priscilla (Lavigne) (Eastman) Wilson, 76, of Charlton — Obituary

Frank E. Witkowski, 82, of Fitchburg — Obituary

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Joceline Zenon, 73, of Worcester — Obituary

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