March 12, 2017

Mariano: Erratic Tweeter-in-Chief hurts his own agenda [Vote and tell us what you think.]

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President Trump

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“Look, I don’t like tweeting. I have other things I could be doing.”
— President-elect Donald Trump, Jan. 18, 2017

Ray Mariano

I have an old friend who lives in another state. We keep in touch on Facebook. He is a huge Donald Trump supporter. He likes Trump because he is completely disillusioned with what has been going on in Washington, D.C., for the past several years.

My friend wants to “drain the swamp.” He supports term limits for members of Congress. He also worries about undocumented immigrants. My friend is a big supporter of the men and women who serve in the military and in local police departments.

While he and I disagree on many issues, I understand his frustrations with our government officials.

Candidate Trump promised to deliver results quickly, and, like my friend, most of his supporters believed him. The question is, how can Trump do all of the things he promised to do when he is constantly distracted by tweeting, and his senior staff is forced to spend so much of its time defending him and walking back what he really meant to say? It must be exhausting.

President Trump’s tweets can be broken down into several categories. The most foolish group of tweets include his petulant rants at entertainers. He has criticized the cast of the Broadway play “Hamilton” and “Saturday Night Live” with Alec Baldwin. He has bashed “overrated” Meryl Streep and the lackluster TV ratings of Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Here is my question relative to these tweets; what the heck does this have to do with being president of the United States? Does the president not have enough to do already?

The second category of tweets are those meaningless missives that tell the world Trump is the greatest. He tweeted that his Inauguration Day drew the largest crowd in presidential history. It did not. He tweeted that he had one of the largest Electoral College landslides ever. Again, he made it up.

What is the point of these tweets? Unless you believe that his singular purpose is to make himself look good, these tweets do not advance the Trump agenda. And they do nothing to advance the causes Trump supporters, like my friend, expect action on.

The third group of tweets is much more dangerous. These tweets involve serious accusations that do not square with the facts. President Trump’s recent accusation that President Obama had him wiretapped appears to be an outrageous lie that could cause real and lasting damage to our democracy, and to our country’s reputation around the world.

Michael Hayden, a former director of both the CIA and the National Security Agency, and former Director of National Intelligence James Clapper have stated unequivocally that Trump is not telling the truth. And current FBI Director James Comey has asked the Justice Department to respond to make it clear that no rules were broken by his agency.

Even Trump’s own staff has been forced to walk the wording back to say that “if” something like this happened it would be serious. It never did.

And now President Trump wants to waste the time of Congressional lawmakers to investigate a claim that he and everyone else knows is bogus. How does that help advance the Trump agenda?

You can throw into this same category the president’s erroneous tweet that the Obama administration is responsible for releasing 122 prisoners from Guantanamo who have returned to battlefield. Independent fact checkers have confirmed that 113 of those released were actually released by the George W. Bush administration.

But why let the facts get in the way of a juicy tweet?

President Trump and some of his more ardent supporters say he needs to continue tweeting so he can get his message out. They say the “fake news” media is distorting the facts.

Tweeting directly to one’s supporters is an interesting strategy. That, of course, assumes the tweets are (1) accurate; and (2) have something to do with the government. In so many instances, President Trump’s tweets fail either or both standards.

There are those who believe the president tweets to draw attention away from more serious issues facing his administration.

If that is true, then the president is a fool. His recent Obama tweet about wiretapping is either outrageously false, or the Obama team was able to provide a federal court with probable cause of wrongdoing in Trump World. I do not see how either scenario can help President Trump.

If I were advising the president, I would tell him he was not allowed to use Twitter without running his proposed tweet by a small group of advisors who would compare his wording with the facts to ensure what he was saying could be backed up.

Every tweet would have a substantive reason for being sent and the Trump team would be ready to support its boss when the questions came. Then, and only then, would the president be allowed to let his supporters know what he is thinking.

Perhaps I should be happy the president and his staff are wasting their time.

I certainly do not want to see the Republicans focused and turning the clock back on the liberties we have fought for. But I worry that our president continues to cause irreparable damage to our country’s image around the world. I also worry that he is damaging the credibility of the office of the president with the American people. In the long run, that would be disastrous.

But that’s just me. I’m interested in what you think about the president’s tweeting. Should he stop altogether, continue unabated or do something in-between? Vote below and let me know what you think.

While you are thinking about your answer, I have composed a tweet song in honor of our 45th president. My thanks to Bobby Day, circa 1957, and The Jackson 5, circa 1972.

(Tweedillytweedillydeet, tweedillytweedillydeet)
(Tweedillytweedillydeet, tweedillytweedillydeet)
(Tweedillytweedillydeet, tweedillytweedillydeet)

He tweets in the White House all day long
Hoppin’ and a-boppin‘ and tweeting his song
All the news media can’t stay in their seats, they
Love to hear the Donald go tweet-tweet-tweet.

Tweeting Donald, (tweet-tweet-tweet)
Tweet, tweet, tweeting Donald’ (tweet-tweedilly-tweet)
Go tweeting Donald ’cause we’re really gonna tweet tonight (tweet-tweedilly-tweet)

Angry Sean Spicer and Kellyanne, plus
Every little member of the Ku Klux Klan
Even Jeff Sessions, he lied and said “no”
Flappin’ their gums singin’ “go Donald, go.”

Tweeting Donald, (tweet-tweet-tweet)
Tweet, tweet, tweeting Donald’ (tweet-tweedilly-tweet)
Go tweeting Donald ’cause we’re really gonna tweet tonight (tweet-tweedilly-tweet).

Breitbart’s Steve Bannon and his fake news dance
Colluded with the Russians and it was grand
They started going steady and he lost his soul
So Trump built a new hotel in old Moscow.

He tweets in the White House all day long
Hoppin’ and a-boppin‘ and tweeting his song
All the news media can’t stay in their seats, they
Love to hear the Donald go tweet-tweet-tweet

Tweeting Donald, (tweet-tweet-tweet)
Tweet, tweet, tweeting Donald’ (tweet-tweedilly-tweet)
Go tweeting Donald ’cause we’re really gonna tweet tonight (tweet-tweedilly-tweet)

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Raymond V. Mariano is a Worcester Sun columnist. He comments on his hometown every Sunday in Worcester Sun.

7 thoughts on “Mariano: Erratic Tweeter-in-Chief hurts his own agenda [Vote and tell us what you think.]

  1. If he has to prove any of his tweets are true prior to sending, THAT would end his tweeting totally. Would love it if everyone knew he stopped tweeting because he never has anything but lies to spread and distract us with. He tries to control the news cycle and its contents. The more outrageous, the more he is trying to hide with the distraction.

  2. He never had any intention of draining the swamp: he is part of it, as are most of his hirees – since his whole life history shows that he craves constant attention, and is willing to get it any way he can, Tweets are fast gratification, since he knows they will be immediately broadcast to the world, and by the time they are checked he will be out with another mindless tweet… Wrecking things is so much easier than fixing, particularly f or those who are not really interested in us ( How many working middle class people are involved with glitzy golf courses, casinos, and fancy hotels? How many of us inherited millions , work with other people’s money, put our names on everything we touch, and simply declare bankruptcy when things no longer pay? What swamp will someone like that clear?

  3. Mr. Ray Mariano maybe you should focus on Massachusetts. More so Worcester first. Here in Worcester my hometown, we have elected officials that can commit to fixing a small problem. Be it from a simple problem like keeping our city clean. By changing the bin that we put our recycle materials in. Keeping our schools safe for everyone. Not just making excuses. Or pointing fingers at someone else. I think that we need people like the old you and Jordon Levy. To take charge and get everyone working TOGETHER and going in the right direction that is FORWARD. Petty and Gaffney should get together and stop worrying about who is best for the job of being Mayor. We need more people like Gary Rosen not like Konnie Lukes. City Councilors who have a set of balls to do something instead of nothing. I’m getting off my Saltbox now. I wonder how many people in this City named Worcester feel the same way as I do. Thank you for Sun and your time.

  4. Joe, I recently wrote two separate columns focusing on what our Mayor should do (and what I would do if I were Mayor). Some of the things you mentioned were included. In another column, I focused on things like cleaning the city.

    I agree that there is a great more that could and should be done.

  5. Let him dig his own political grave. Po LIE tician he is! UNHINGED is too kind. He is degrading the Office of the Presidency and the Country.

  6. “I certainly do not want to see the Republicans focused and turning the clock back on the liberties we have fought for.”

    Would that include open entry for illegal aliens because I would like that stopped ? A 14 yo girl was just raped allegedly by two in Maryland and Kate Steinle is still dead along with a lot of other Americans at the hands of illegal alien criminals .
    Would that include gun rights ? Because Trump will maintain that freedom ?
    Right to choose and gay rights? Gorsuch has said thats settled law
    Which rights are we losing or could we lose under Trump? I love how people on the left just throw that open ended question out there with no specifics and its supposed to just be assumed Trump will take rights away . Id like the right to live my life without a behemoth of a federal government which its become controlling every aspect of the economy and health care system so that businesses can grow again and employ people full time . Oh Trump is trying to fix that .

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