March 22, 2017

Worcester Sun, March 22: Major Taylor biopic in the works, Hitch tunes out Warren + more

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Major Taylor’s life has inspired many tributes, and now a movie is underway.

Filmmakers hope to whip up fundraising frenzy for Major Taylor biopic ‘Black Cyclone’ |  “It’s a really important story to tell and it lends itself to dramatic treatment on the big screen,” said Lynne Tolman, executive director of the Major Taylor Association. “It’s Jackie Robinson 50 years earlier with some even more harrowing components to the story.”

Last week’s most popular articles

Editorial: Crime stats show Worcester becoming safer in long run |  Recently released data shows marked declines in arrests and most categories of violent crime. While 2016 showed an increase over 2015 in nine categories of crime measured by the Worcester Police Department, the long-term trends continue to show declines. All in all, the data shows a city that’s safe and becoming safer.

Sun Spots with Hitch [Vol. 147]: Tuning out Elizabeth Warren |  Did you know our fair senior senator, Elizabeth Warren — defender of the middle class, denouncer of Wall Street, Trump Enemy No. 1 — was once a Republican? For reals, yo! [Old-person translation: “It’s true.”] Now a standard-bearer for the Democrats, favorite of progressives and potential 2020 Trump challenger, she’s been ubiquitous on screens, through earbuds and over the airwaves, even moreso lately. But is her audience growing tired of the same, old act? Hitch, for one, won’t be buying the greatest hits album.

Citing up to $2B in potentially at-risk federal funds, Baker girds lawmakers for healthcare debate |  “Overall, our analysis indicates that the American Health Care Act would increasingly strain the fiscal resources necessary to support the Commonwealth’s continued commitment to universal health care coverage.” Added to the surging percentage of state residents opting for coverage through MassHealth, the initial ACHA outline puts state budget makers in an even more precarious position going forward.

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From left, owner Tom Marino, former WPI star forward Clyde Niba and coach Anthony Leonelli hope the New England Anchors find a home in Worcester.

ABA basketball hopes to drop Anchors in Worcester |  The New England Anchors are a first-year ABA basketball team with strong prospects on the court, and significant connections to the city off of it. But whether the team will make it to next year, and make its home here, are — much like the opening tip-off — matters decidedly up in the air. Patrick Sargent talks to team officials, players and the league’s head honcho to get the real score on what’s next.

Nancy Crimmin

Inbox [March 22]: Ascentria cuts resettlement staff and services, Gengel to speak at SPM fundraiser, Clark creates new health curriculum, Becker administrator wins national award |  Interesting and worthwhile things happen every day in our community. Alas, we can’t cover them all. That’s where Inbox comes in, to offer readers an easily digestible compilation of interesting and noteworthy items you and your neighbors keep telling us about. Have news you or your group would like to share? Let us know by emailing it to Be sure to include a link to the full release on your site or Facebook page so we can include it and send Sun members your way.

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