March 8, 2017

Worcester Sun, March 8: Mariano takes city officials to task on PCBs + OPEB needs attention ASAP

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The highest levels of PCBs in a currently used school building were found at Doherty.

Sun columnist

Mariano: Shame on the mayor, superintendent and School Committee!

“In Worcester, we have a mayor who does not lead, a superintendent who minimizes serious health concerns because there are not enough people waving placards in her face, and a School Committee afraid to tell the mayor and superintendent to do their jobs.”

Ray Mariano

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Municipalities may need to think about printing their own money if they don’t start proactively addressing OPEB obligations.

Editorial: Pay now or pay later |  There are currently 9,229 people receiving or potentially eligible for a Worcester pension and other post-employment benefits. That figure represents roughly five percent of the city’s population. The longer Worcester does not treat its unfunded liability with the urgency it deserves, the easier it becomes for the other 95 percent to rationalize draconian cuts to benefits long-promised and long-earned.

Sun Spots with Hitch [Vol. 143]: Splitting hairs, with Gary Rosen |  As a longtime public servant, Gary Rosen has certainly been around the block — usually checking for potholes or a wooden bucket of perennials slightly askew at an intersection somewhere in “Beautiful” — not to mention mostly well-heeled — District 5. The former School Committee member plans to ditch his local City Council post for a bid at one of six at-large seats, in which he feels he can make more of an impact. This is a development Hitch couldn’t simply brush off.

Colin A. Young / State House News Service

Robert Johnson, left, speaks to the UMass Board of Trustees March 7 after a unanimous vote to appoint him as chancellor of UMass-Dartmouth.

Robert Johnson, Becker president, tapped as next UMass-Dartmouth chancellor |  UMass President Martin Meehan, who recommended Johnson to the full UMass Board of Trustees, said Johnson is a “change agent” who has the ability to inspire the Dartmouth campus. At Becker, Johnson “elevated the reputation of that university” and became “deeply ingrained in the Worcester region’s business and civic community,” Meehan said.

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If Ray ran for mayor … it might look a little something like this.

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