April 21, 2017

Worcester County obituaries, April 21, 2017

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Worcester Sun publishes obituaries daily. Click here to see obituary listings from previous days.

Today’s obituary listings from Central Mass. funeral homes.


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Barbara Lee (Wilson) Beck, 85, of Holden — Obituary

Carmella “Kay” M. Belsito, 91, of Millbury — Obituary

Patricia E. (Crowley) Bufton, 79, of Clinton — Obituary

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Marlene Rose (Willoughby) Chase, 52, of Clinton — Obituary

Andrew Chyko, 89, of Milford — Obituary

Nancy (Morin) Consiglio, 70, of Auburn — Obituary

William G. “Bill” Coulter, 89, of Clinton — Obituary

Ramon “Moncho” Cruz “Bibo”, 77, of Southbridge — Obituary

Donika (Mansaku) Cutra, 78, of Worcester — Obituary

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Claire M. (Peterson) Eaton, 89, of Boylston and Holden — Obituary

Jane L. (Nelson) Emma, 66, of Lunenburg and Winchendon — Obituary

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Margaret M. (Harmon) Ford, 94, of Worcester — Obituary

Isabelle A. (Grembla) Franson, 87, of Shrewsbury — Obituary

Christopher M. Freniere, 29, of Garden Grove, Calif., and Fiskdale — Obituary

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Brian A. Gagnon, 44, of Woonsocket, R.I., and Northborough — Obituary

Vincent Dean Ricardo Garreffi, 24, of Clinton — Obituary

Ruth E. (Melican) Gentile, 66, of Worcester — Obituary

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Denise E. (Olinder) Hampson, 61, of Fitchburg — Obituary

Mabel (Slye) Harris, 86, of Pomfret Center, Conn. — Obituary

Alan D. Hayes of Boylston — Obituary

David K. Higgins, 73, of Winchendon — Obituary

Yvonne R. “Memere” (Smith) Hilyard, 88, of Worcester — Obituary

Darlene M. Hoover, 61, of Sterling — Obituary

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Michael Joseph Kelleher, Jr., 23, of Southborough — Obituary

Frederick R. Kelley, Jr. — Obituary

Robert Kelly, 61, of Thompson, Conn. — Obituary

James V. Kersey, 84, of Lunenburg — Obituary

Danuta (Wozniak) Korwek, 63, of Worcester — Obituary

Frank A. Krushefsky — Obituary

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Robert R. LaLiberte, 82, of Millbury — Obituary

Birgit (Hellberg) Landgren, 94 — Obituary

Roger J. “Buster” LeBoeuf, 93, of Southbridge — Obituary

Robert (Bob) R. Leclair, 80, of Putnam, Conn. — Obituary

Leonard H. LeDoux, 88, of East Brookfield — Obituary

Luana L. (Langway) Lindberg, 75, of Webster and Oxford — Obituary

Alan Lizotte, 55, of Millbury — Obituary

Euclide J. “Bud” Lorion, 72, of Athol — Obituary

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Ronald G. Manion, 73, of East Falmouth and West Boylston — Obituary

Kim Ruth Manzi, 50, of Belchertown and Worcester — Obituary

Leonard J. Melanson, 74, of Winchendon — Obituary

Claire (Richard) Messier, 87, of Oxford — Obituary

Robert E. Mullins, Ed.D., 88, of Worcester — Obituary

Jeannine B. (Dube) Murray, 72, of Whitinsville — Obituary

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Sheila J. Paige, 79, of Worcester — Obituary

Esther Viola (Lawson) Pasquale, 91, of West Boylston — Obituary

Edwin Pease, 89, of Oakham and North Brookfield — Obituary

Roger P. Peterson, 59, of Ware — Obituary

John F. Petkus Jr., 62, of Worcester — Obituary

Robert S. Pietrowicz, 73 — Obituary

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Donald Renaud, 90, of Worcester — Obituary

June E. Rice, 83, of Millbury — Obituary

Wayne J. Rocheford, Sr., 78, of Worcester — Obituary

Arthur Rock, 91, of Webster — Obituary

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Felix  Sablack, 84, of West Warren — Obituary

Vito J. Savage, 92, of Worcester — Obituary

Steven E. Schmidt, Esq., KM, 52 — Obituary

Benjamin W-P Smith, 20, of Rutland — Obituary

Roxanne Spaulding, 56, of Norwich, Conn., and Putnam, Conn. — Obituary

Joan (Reynolds) Stimson, 79, of Princeton — Obituary

Stanley E. Szydlik, 71, of Kittery Point, Maine, and Southbridge — Obituary

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Joseph M. Tonkonogy, 91 — Obituary

Marianne J. (Pereira) Townsend, 60, of Leominster — Obituary

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Lloyd W. Underwood, 94, of Westborough — Obituary

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Frances E. (Santilli) Walkowiak, 90, of Webster — Obituary

Ann M. (Kubiak) Wasiuk of Grafton — Obituary

Robert M.  Wayland, 60, of Uxbridge — Obituary

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Worcester Sun publishes obituaries daily. Click here to see obituary listings from previous days.

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