May 31, 2017

Worcester Sun, May 31: Taxes too high, voter and candidate interest too low, top Sun stories + more

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Sam Doran / State House News Service

State finance chief Kristen Lepore

State leaders expect potential budget-crippling $575M tax revenue shortfall, documents show |  The disclosure documents affirm the suggestion by legislative leaders and Gov. Charlie Baker that the fiscal 2018 budget, the subject of most of the focus on Beacon Hill so far this year, will need to be substantially reworked. Bills passed by the House in late April and Senate last week will need to be overhauled.

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David Niles / For Worcester Sun

Cliff Rucker

Cliff Rucker: On the Railers, reinvigorating downtown and defining success |  “I’m not trying to play a semantics game. The Railers need to be sustainable financially to continue to support the community. But if they were not successful financially, I don’t consider that a failure because the big, important stuff in life is what I think about.” In a wide-ranging interview Cliff Rucker tells us what exactly he’s been thinking about these days.

Katie Lannan / State House News Service

Drugs and guns seized in an early-morning sweep of an alleged trafficking operation based in Lawrence.

DEA-led bust corrals ‘one of largest fentanyl trafficking’ rings in Mass. history |  Wiretaps captured defendants discussing the drug operations, in some cases “chuckling about the overdose deaths as they continued to distribute the deadly drug,” the U.S. attorney said. “One defendant even bragged about having been deported several times and discussed the wealth he amassed in the Dominican Republic, including businesses and homes.” A total of 34 arrests were made.

Last week’s most popular articles

Flickr / Photos by Ann

Many Massachusetts nursing homes face a looming financial crisis.

Sun Spots with Hitch [Vol. 167]: Worcester ballot casts concerning shadow |  While the contentious, polarizing and downright dispiriting 2016 presidential election coaxed a slight reversal in flagging national voter turnout numbers, that momentum has not carried over locally where Worcester voters are joined in seeming ambivalence this election season by a head-scratchingly short list of contenders for public office. How to get more folks involved in such an important process? Never fear, Hitch always has the right idea.

Editorial: Taxes: Who pays and how much? |  With federal and state governments increasingly unable or unwilling to maintain their level of aid to cities such as Worcester, the city faces a future of having to shoulder more of the burden for the services its residents expect. Alas, there’s one thing that keeps it from being able to deal effectively with this changing landscape.

Wikimedia Commons/Photo by og-emmet

UMass Medical School

Inbox [May 31]: News and notes from Worcester State, Anna Maria, UMass Medical School, Planned Parenthood, city of Worcester |  Have news you or your group would like to share? Let us know by emailing it to Be sure to include a link to the full release on your site or Facebook page so we can include it and send Sun members your way.

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