May 7, 2017

Worcester Sun, May 7-13: Mariano on a larger-than-life Worcester Warrior, Gedman still pitching in for Sox, Altea’s Eatery, Trumpcare + more

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Worcester Sun

Linda Cavaioli, YWCA executive director

Worcester Warriors

Mariano: A champion for women and girls

Ray Mariano

“If she stands on her toes, she is probably 4 feet, 10 inches tall – maybe. For most of her life, she struggled to weigh in at 100 pounds. But when it comes to helping women and girls who are struggling, there is no one bigger or stronger.” Ray Mariano on a true city hero and her larger-than-life accomplishments.

Pro sports

Louriann Mardo-Zayat / Courtesy Pawtucket Red Sox

Rich Gedman, Pawtucket Red Sox hitting coach, talks up outfield prospect Bryce Brentz.

Rich Gedman still has a hand in Red Sox success |  “It’s a steady presence,” PawSox manager Kevin Boles said of his hitting coach and catching instructor. “He’s been in some great moments in Red Sox history, but you know what you’re going to get with Geddie every day of the week. He doesn’t waver. … He definitely cares about these players. He’s a reliable staff member and we couldn’t do our job without him.” The Sun’s newest contributor, Tom Joyce, steps to the plate with the Worcester baseball legend.

Local Business Spotlight

Giselle Rivera-Flores / For Worcester Sun

Pain Perdu, one of the many alluring brunch options at Altea’s Eatery.

Altea’s Eatery offers brunch lovers an everyday entree to France |  “With wall-length windows beckoning the sun, the unrelenting street traffic and increasing numbers of Park Avenue pedestrians, Altea’s felt like the place to be on a recent Monday morning. Bright, full and in good spirit, the eatery represents a mini-break from the demands of the everyday.”

The unbelievably true story of Augustine Kanjia continues …

Wikimedia Commons / Lindsay Stark

Trekking into the Sierra Leonean bush was not on the top of Augustine’s list of favorite things to do when he was in fifth grade.

Part 38: Illicit April Brewing Rains on My Parade |  “I was now in the fifth grade; it was then I started reading and writing a fair amount of English. My grandmother was proud of me. I loved being with her, but not in the bush for distilling the alcohol. The bush was not safe, I thought. I would sometimes voice my opinion, but I was called a coward and lazy boy.”

Sun columnist

Chris Sinacola

Chris Sinacola

Sina-cism: Expressway to the future, maybe |  “Worcester’s interstate highway experience is typical of cities nationwide — unprecedented mobility, sharply reduced traffic fatalities, and a roadside culture of fast food, cheap motels and affordable vacations. … But time destroys even the most imposing works of mankind. Our generation, and generations to come, are left with the task of maintaining this legacy, a job neither easy nor free.”

Sun Spots with Hitch [Vol. 160]: Paying tribute, with Bill Coleman |  Worcester’s favorite perennial political runner-up and adjunct public servant is a regular presence, well, pretty much anywhere in the city. But mostly at City Council meetings, where he tries to keep councilors on the ball and constantly stokes awareness for often important under-the-radar issues. Sometimes, though, Coleman’s suggestions miss the mark — such as his recent request to more than double the mayor’s salary. Hitch, predictably, found that notion for the birds.

Wikimedia Commons

The Capitol building

Editorial: On health care, a sickening display |  Republicans celebrated a “win” Thursday with the passage of a House bill that marks a step toward what they have long panted for: the repeal of Obamacare. And why is Obamacare so despicable? Because it is a Democratic initiative. Well, health care is too important — not to mention, too complicated — for this kind of treatment. We hope for much better from the U.S. Senate.

Antonio Caban / State House News Service

Top state leaders, including Lt. Gov. Polito, Speaker DeLeo, Gov. Baker and Senate President Rosenberg have plenty to think about as budget season swings into high gear.

On Beacon Hill: Budget forecast is cloudy with a chance of pain |  New reports showed an economy contracting in the first quarter, business confidence is on the decline and the revenue gap more than doubled to $462 million when April revenues not only failed to live up to expectations, but dropped off $83 million from last year. “It’s hard for us to really figure out what’s happening,” said one state rep. Oh boy. Plus, McGovern, Healey, Baker and more on Trumpcare. And Moore.

Photo courtesy

Mechanics Hall

Worcester Weekly: Veterans Inc., St. Peter-Marian + more, May 7-13 |  The most fun you’ll have with a calendar of events all week. And you just might learn something, too. Here are some of the best things to do, places to go — and reasons why — over the next few days.

29 Who Shine

Inbox [May 7]: News and notes from Holy Cross, Dept. of Higher Education, Holy Name, St. Peter-Marian, Music Worcester, Worcester Public Schools |  Have news you or your group would like to share? Let us know by emailing it to Be sure to include a link to the full release on your site or Facebook page so we can include it and send Sun members your way.

From the Sun archives

What does WAFT do anyway? An inside look at Worcester’s anti-foreclosure crusade.

Courtesy WAFT / Matthew Griffin

WAFT in action …

Part 1 — Gaining traction … and attention |  “With Worcester’s dense minority population — there are about twice as many Hispanic or Latino and black residents in the city compared to statewide percentages — the city proved the perfect incubator for the subprime lending-powered housing crisis. ‘The only way you can change an across-the-board injustice like this, is you bring enough people together so that they have to respond to you’.”

Part 2 — The team rallies around an Oak Street family |  “It is on streets like these, on mornings like this, that one will find the Worcester Anti-Foreclosure Team, founded by Grace Ross in 2008. It is outside of auctions, and outside of evictions that its members regularly arrive, carrying signs, good spirit and a critical eye to all those who have been granted the legal authority to execute foreclosure procedures.”

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