July 5, 2017

Worcester Sun, July 5: Marijuana, abortions, taxes and Trump — high times on Beacon Hill … plus Top Stories, Hitch + more

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Katie Lannan / State House News Service

Fentanyl and guns seized in a sweep of an alleged drug trafficking operation based in Lawrence.

New mandatory minimum sentence would target tricks of drug trafficking trade |  While progressive lawmakers hope to build support for repealing mandatory minimum sentences for nonviolent drug crimes this session, state officials are also trying to crack down on the trafficking of fentanyl and other deadly opioids.

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President Trump

Marijuana and abortions, taxes and Trump: Looking ahead at what could go wrong on Beacon Hill |  Right-wing activists and progressive voters are not the only major groups seeking to impose their will on Beacon Hill. State officials are defending against an array of measures germinating within President Donald Trump’s White House and the Republican-controlled Congress that are at odds with the sentiments and sensibilities of the Massachusetts electorate.

Last week’s most read articles:

Doug Arbetter, Paul Franco and Matt Wally are three of the four candidates vying for the District 5 City Council seat being vacated by Gary Rosen, who is running for an at-large post.

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Massachusetts State House

Editorial: Lack of budgets bad sign for Mass., other states |  Massachusetts was hardly alone in not passing a budget before the start of the fiscal year last Saturday. The reason why so many states do not have a budget is a bad sign for the economy and taxpayers alike.

Sun Spots with Hitch [Vol. 177]: Beacon Hill’s fiscal fireworks |  It seems our fair state legislators have had just about enough of deadlines — whether they be arbitrary, self-imposed or, like, totally for real. Sure, they can pass monumental raises for themselves in a flash, but assemble a balanced spending plan in time for the new fiscal year? Nope — that notion’s a dud. Less than sparkly revenues and quickly rising uncertainty in D.C., indeed, have rained on the annual budget season parade. Hitch wonders if the grand finale will be worth the wait.

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Matthew Wright / mattwrightphoto.com

Jonathan Hansen, owner of Mugged In Worcester, poses in his ceramics studio.

Area artist molds a new career, city narrative with Mugged in Worcester |  “Worcester is the first place I’ve lived that I had a connection to, ever. That was really the push for me — let’s get this city up and coming and try to promote it a little more,” Jonathan Hansen said. “That’s really the basis of where this whole thing started for me.”

Webster Five

Courtesy Webster Five

From left, Sam Bitar, executive director of the Webster Five Foundation & VP Business Systems Manager, Webster Five; Jonathan Mannina, executive director, Community Legal Aid; and Don Doyle, president and CEO, Webster Five.

Inbox [July 5]: News and notes from Webster Five, Citi Foundation, Worcester Public Schools, Price Rite and commonwealth of Mass. |  Have news you or your group would like to share? Let us know by emailing it to info@worcester.ma. Be sure to include a link to the full release on your site or Facebook page so we can include it and send Sun members your way.

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