August 20, 2017

Mariano: We have no choice: Trump must go!

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Ray Mariano

It is hard to imagine that Donald Trump has been president for only seven months and that we have three and a half years left to go. Our nation and our people should not have to wait for his term to end. Donald Trump must go now.

Donald Trump has lost the moral authority to lead our nation. His words and actions have weakened our country, given safe haven to hate and bigotry and diminished the United States in the eyes of the world.

America relies on its moral authority to lead. Countries respect our military might but, more importantly, they respect our commitment to equality and democratic principles. Donald Trump has showed disdain for those principles and is seriously damaging our standing in the world.

Nuclear Option

I am not someone who takes the issue of impeachment lightly. Although I never even considered voting for Trump and wanted him to leave from the time he raised his hand and lied that he would “preserve, protect and defend the Constitution,” I have always viewed impeachment as the last possible resort – the nuclear option.

But from his first days in office, Trump has shown disdain for our country, our laws and our people.

Trump has used his position to stuff his own pocketbook in a violation of the Emoluments Clause of the Constitution. Knowing that people like to rub elbows with the president, he raised the fees at his golf courses, accepted payments from foreign governments at Trump hotels and was granted approval by China for 38 Trump trademarks after being consistently denied these trademark approvals over the past decade.

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To show that he was in charge, Trump backed out of the Paris Accord and threatened the climate of our entire planet. His administration has stripped national protections away that are designed to clear our air, clean our water and preserve our national parks.

Trump’s capitulation to Russia and fawning over Vladimir Putin has weakened our country. Further, there is growing evidence that members of his campaign, as well as members of his own family, have colluded with the Russians during the election. His brazen firing of FBI Director James Comey was a clear attempt to obstruct justice.

And then there was Charlottesville.


Facing a tragedy, a leader’s job is to bring people together and to focus on what matters most. In this situation, Donald Trump’s first attempt to respond missed the mark.

Trump’s second attempt, aided by his staff, was much more effective. But then Trump did what he always does: He let us see who he really is. In anger, Trump lashed out and showed us the darkness in his heart. He left most of the country speechless.

Trump’s response to the violence in Charlottesville was not a mistake. It is precisely who he is and who he always will be.

Much has been written about the domestic terrorist attack in Charlottesville. For me, the juxtaposition of separate demonstrations was telling.

On Saturday, neo-Nazis and white supremacists marched along a path that ultimately led to the death of a young woman who peacefully stood against them. She was run down by a car driven by a coward – an act reminiscent of recent terrorist attacks across Europe.

Two nights later, more than 1,000 men, women and children came to the same place to remember the life of Heather Heyer and to honor what she stood for. These two events could not have been more different.

Instead of racist chants, those who came to honor Heyer sang songs to bring people together.

Instead of torches in the daytime that brought back images of the KKK, they carried candles at night to light their way.

Instead of hate in their hearts for Jews and people of color, they brought love, understanding and a firm resolve to treat everyone with respect.

The mourners who came to honor Heyer did what President Trump had failed to do. They showed us the light; they focused us on what matters.

In the wake of the Charlottesville attack, others are stepping in to close the breach of leadership left open by our president. CEOs on the president’s advisory boards have resigned in protest. They wanted no part of Trump’s bigotry.

Tech companies such as Google, Facebook and PayPal have decided to banish a growing list of hate and extremist groups. Always viewed as protectors of free speech, these companies have resisted for years calls to take action. The events in Charlottesville pushed the companies into action.


It is hard to predict how our elected leaders in Washington will ultimately react to recent events. While a handful of Republicans have called the president’s words unacceptable, unless there is evidence of criminal wrongdoing, I think that it is highly unlikely that a Republican-controlled House of Representatives would vote for articles of impeachment.

In April, I wrote that any effort to impeach Trump would lead to chaos and likely to violence. Even though Trump’s approval rating is historically low, people who support him are zealous in their defense of their president.

If history is any judge, this process would likely take months. During that time virtually nothing else in Washington would get done.

If the House votes for impeachment, the matter moves to United States Senate for a trial. Two-thirds of senators, 67, must vote for removal or the resolution will fail. Forty-eight senators vote in the Democratic caucus. Given that Republicans could barely find three Senators with the courage to save healthcare for millions of their fellow citizens, finding 19 brave Republican souls in the U.S. Senate willing to challenge Trump is unlikely.

Nevertheless, despite the odds, we must begin the process to remove Trump from office.

Of course we still have Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation, which is proceeding and could form the basis for an impeachment effort. But, in my opinion, we cannot wait for the investigation to conclude and the corresponding criminal charges that may be coming.

Beyond that, we do not need criminal charges to know that Donald Trump is unfit, both mentally and morally, to lead our nation. In his seven months since taking the oath of office, he has shown everyone exactly who he is and who he cares about – himself.


In an April column, I warned about the prospects of having Mike Pence elevated to the office of president. Pence wants to remove LGBTQ rights, roll back women’s rights and the rights of workers.

Vice President Mike Pence

Flickr/Gage Skidmore

Vice President Mike Pence

Pence has supported legislation to limit a woman’s right to choose, and tried to defund Planned Parenthood.

In a perverse way, there is an advantage to having Trump over Pence. Trump is totally undisciplined and therefore transparent. He blurts out what he thinks. He seldom hides behind carefully crafted words – at least not for very long.

Trump wears his bigotry on his sleeve. Pence tries to hide his or cloak it in softer language.

Nevertheless, the pain that Donald Trump has caused and his callous disregard for the people of our country have completely stripped away any moral authority to lead. Increasingly, the vast majority of Americans find him to be an embarrassment, a stain on our government.

A personal experience

I remember a time about 25 years ago. I had taken my family on vacation to Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. At night, the local news ran a story about a public demonstration being held the next day by citizens who were against having the Confederate flag displayed at certain public buildings.

The next morning, I took my oldest son, Raymond, with me to the demonstration. He was about six or seven years old and I wanted him to see people peacefully standing up for their beliefs. As we drove to the demonstration, I explained why the Confederate flag was such a painful symbol.

Unfortunately, because I was so unfamiliar with the area, it took me much longer to get to the site of the demonstration. By the time we arrived, activities were winding down. Nevertheless, it was a chance for me to talk to my son about our country and our struggle with equal treatment for all of our citizens.

Now Raymond is a father with two sons of his own. What do I tell my grandchildren about our country – a country where the president is cheered by neo-Nazis and white supremacists?

For the sake of our country, for the sake of our children and grandchildren, for the sake of all Americans who might be different from us – different in the color of their skin, different in their religious beliefs, different in their sexual orientation, different in any way – Donald Trump needs to be removed from office.

Our national nightmare must end.

Raymond V. Mariano is a Worcester Sun columnist. He comments on his hometown and global issues that impact it every Sunday in Worcester Sun.

12 thoughts on “Mariano: We have no choice: Trump must go!

  1. I agree that Trump needs to be impeached. It is so unfortunate that the political arena in our country has sunk to such an all time low. We need to bring integrity, honesty, excellent leadership, class, intelligence, experience, good values, and heart back to the White House. We need peace, unity, and hopeful foreign diplomacy. Our country is going backwards in a dangerous direction instead or moving forwards. Our elected officials need to STOP their self interest seeking agendas, power manipulating and self-motivating decision making, and WORK IN THE BEST INTEREST of “We, the People,” Who Are The Nation!

  2. Moral authority and politician is a mutually exclusive concept. Politicians have no morals.
    Worcester has a perfect example in Joe Petty.
    And you can hardly claim any moral authority in your time as a politician and bureaucrat.

    • I would argue that there are many national politicians with a strong moral compass including Republicans like Ronald Reagan, George HW and George W Bush. I didn’t always agree with them but I never doubted their commitment to equal rights and a desire to help their fellow citizens. Unfortunately, none of that is true with Trump.

  3. “Trump must go!” I do not recall similar scrutinizing of past politicians…seems at times to be a double standard.
    We appreciate your observations as always; unfortunately the Trump Derangement Syndrome has further polarized this once unified nation. The resistance movement led by the press has clouded our perspective in regards to important issues: security, economy, respect for law and order, etc.

    • I agree that, as a nation, we are focused more on Trump and the foolish things that he says than on more important issues. Unfortunately, he is the President and what he says matters and focuses the media. If he would (a) rely less on Twitter (b) allow his professional staff to help him express himself and (c) resist the need to attack everyone and anyone who disagrees with him perhaps we could focus on the things that matters.

  4. You could not be more wrong. In your assessment you claim President Trump (can we at least call him ‘President’?) failed to do what a candle light vigil did. It is a sad day when a President calls out both sides of the same Leftists cadre as at fault and the nation loses it. Proving once again NO ONE understands the Political Spectrum. Nazis AND Antifa are all cut from the same cloth. They are all radical, violent, racists, extremist Leftist Ideologies. Boston proved that last Saturday.
    Your assessment of Pence is equally wrong. Pence does not ‘want’ to remove LGBT rights, abortion, women’s rights, blah, blah. Every one said that about Reagan. Guess what? It never happened, those rights expanded. Everyone said it about Bush 1 and 2. Guess what? It never happened, those rights continued to expand to the point where everyone now is ( according to the Media) gay, every one is trans this or that despite the fact the entire population from that side of life accounts for less than 1% of the total population.
    The concept (again fomented by Media) that only Nazis support Trump or, even worse ANY ONE who supports Trump is a Nazi, racist, homophobe.. Again, blah, blah. Sooo, I guess the 62+ million who voted for him are all Nazis? The Electoral College all white men? Nazis, KKK, Aryans, etc number no larger than a couple hundred thousand. Less than .1% of the population.
    It is quite simply called Trump Derangement Syndrome. You have it badly Ray. Go see a Psychiatrist.
    Not sure exactly how Trump violates the Emoluments Clause. He turned over all control of his companies to his children so, go harp at them.. Besides, they are private citizens and can do business with who ever they choose. Just like the Russian hysteria; even if Trump did communicate with Russians while running for President he was not the President then. There is no law forbidding a private citizen from speaking with foreign nationals. Especially if that person is an International Businessman. If you want to look for violations of the Emoluments Clause look no further than the Clinton Foundation. Currying favors from foreign governments while Sect of State and funneling the money into their own offshore account.. That’s all I will say on that . I don’t want to suddenly end up committing suicide for no apparent reason (hint-hint).
    A common analogy with Trump Derangement Syndrome can be summed up like this: Liberals don’t take Trump seriously, they take him literally. Trump supporters don’t take him literally but we do take him very, very seriously.
    Next time, list specific reasons to impeach President Trump.. Actually list the high crimes and misdemeanors he is responsible for. Short of that, you have nothing except how you ‘feel’.. Doesn’t cut it Ray. In fact, lets hear HOW Trump colluded with the Russians instead of just saying he did.. So far every Special Select Committee meeting where they trot out some one, so sure that this time they have the smoking gun it turns out to be a big zero. Nine+ months of this.. For crying out loud birth that baby or give it up!
    But that’s why we had Charllotesville.. A whole new reason to hate President Trump. Odd, how supposedly Trump represents hate but so far all the hate seems to be directed AT President Trump.
    Mueller is a Washington Stooge.. Convenes a Grand Jury BEFORE he has the evidence to present to them. The constant hateful rhetoric towards President Trump is disgraceful. Even President Obama never experienced this level. And, if he did it was marginalized, ignored and the press gave it scant mentioning.. President Trump burps and the Left goes bizerk-oid.
    But that is OK. As I have said many times on my radio show I want the Left to continue doing this. The nation is watching and is turning away from Democrats, Leftists and all they stand for. Conversely (and again you are wrong) the support for the President holds steady despite what the polls say. They lied before the election and they are lying now. President Trump still holds rallies that number in the thousands.
    But those people are all Nazis. Right Ray?

    • You understated the dangers of antifa. Their latest chant is “No Trump, No wall, No USA at all”. Their biggest danger is that they appear to have the tacit approval of the main stream media because that media remains silent to their perfidy.

  5. I stopped reading Ray’s column after the skimming the first lines, because it is no different from the breathless hyperbole you may read at any left-wing rag, except more poorly written. It seems he is trying to be relevant and to be taken seriously. Perhaps he would be, (to some small extent) if he identified his biases at the outset, rather than trying to appear objective and fair-minded, but horrified at the president’s acts.

    Ray claims that he gave the president a fair chance, but that Trump’s terrible actions proved he is unfit. The truth, however, is that Ray just regurgitates every radical leftist claim against Trump and claims it as gospel, without a shred of proof. What happened to innocent until proven guilty, Ray?

  6. A thoughtful, rational argument from Mr. Mariano. But, oh my, such rants by those opposed to his view. Mariano basically asserts that President Trump is an embarrassment. The ranters attack the messenger, instead of debating the message. Is Trump a moral beacon for my grandkids of not? Mariano says no and then says why: His birther campaign against a sitting President? His bragging about his ability to grab women? His lying? His baffling love of everything Russia? His 5 deferments? His calling out war heroes? His name calling? His refusal to admit a mistake? His contempt for the courts? His incompetence in appointing officials able to hold on to the office for even a few months? His bragging? His twitter nonsense? His using the office to shore up his business? So, Mariano thinks such behavior is embarrassing for a President. I do too. Trump is no model for my grandkids either.

    • Jim McDermott:

      1. “Mariano basically asserts that President Trump is an embarrassment.” No, Mariano said that Trump committed impeachable offences, without presenting proof.

      2. “Trump is no model for my grandkids either.” Is that the new standard for impeachment?

    • Jim,
      Im sick to death of you sackless men being “Oh, my my my” about the president and his pussy conversation, STFU already, Bill Clinton literally GRABS WOMEN BY THE PUSSY against their will and HILLARY threatens those same women and she was the damn first lady at the time, so you moron with that broken record “pussy grabbing” argument, you demasculized pathetic liberal are too blind to see we have been saved from the Clinton Crime Family, just ask Haiti, and John McCain is NO WAR HERO, just ask his fellow military how they feel about his traitorous career, im glad The Presidents tweeting bugs you, but if we are talkin embarrassing, Obama is THE embarrassment of the century, he cant even lift a five pound weight or throw a baseball, he was the homo in chief

  7. Jim McDermott:

    1. “Mariano basically asserts that President Trump is an embarrassment.” No, Mariano said that Trump committed impeachable offences, without presenting proof.

    2. “Trump is no model for my grandkids either.” Is that the new standard for impeachment?

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