September 3, 2017

Mariano: Responding to Trump supporter comments

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Ray Mariano

I enjoy a good political discussion as much as anyone – more than most. I am fine when someone disagrees with me. But I must admit that I am still struggling to get the hang of the back and forth that comes with social media.

Recently, I wrote a column and said that President Trump had lost the moral authority to lead our country. I said that it was time for him to go. As you might imagine, the column generated considerable discussion.

I always have to fight the urge to respond when someone makes a comment that is clearly wrong or when someone just makes something up. My wife is constantly urging me to put my iPad down and not read the comments posted regarding my columns.

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But, like I said, I enjoy a good political discussion. Since I did not respond to all of the comments that I would have liked to, here are some of the things I would have said had I responded.

NOTE:  For many of the posts, I was not able to repeat their entire comment here. One responder posted a comment that was somewhere between 700 and 800 words. I tried as hard as I could not to take anything out of context.

COLLEEN W: “… please give me proof that Trump is a racist …”

MARIANO:  Really? You can honestly say that you do not have clear evidence that Trump is a racist? I almost don’t know where to start. Here are a few of his earlier greatest hits – golden oldies. (1) When five black and Latino men were accused of murder, Trump took out a full page ad calling for the death penalty. Later when DNA evidence cleared the men, Trump called the wrongful conviction settlement a disgrace.

(2) Trump led the “birther” movement against our first African-American president, accusing him of having been born in Africa. Trump knew it was a lie but it made for great politics.

(3) Trump and his father were sued by HUD for racial discrimination.

(4) Trump referred to Mexicans as rapists and murderers and then said that a Mexican-American judge could not be impartial because he was Mexican-American.

(5) He falsely tweeted that most killings of whites are done by blacks.

And that was just before he got elected.

As Dana Milbank of the Washington Post wrote in 2015, “Let’s not mince words: Donald Trump is a bigot and a racist.”

DICK M:  “… They (Trump supporters) disagree with me (Ray) so they are all bigots and racists.”

MARIANO:  Actually, I do not feel that way. I know Trump supporters that I have a high regard for. I understand the frustration they feel toward our federal government and their desire to see real, meaningful change. I just think that Trump sold them a bill of goods. Never trust a conman.



JIM R:  “No, Ray was blind to people asking him why there were new cars, boats, jet skis, parked in Great Brook Valley …”

MARIANO:  Wrong. When I became executive director of the Worcester Housing Authority I instituted an aggressive program where staff patrolled the parking lots looking for vehicles that might indicate fraud. Overall, our fraud identification and recovery program identified and recovered more than $1.5 million. In fact, the HUD inspector general came to Worcester to compliment our program.

HEATHER S:  “It’s hard to believe, a supposedly informed man, like yourself, would author such a farce. You really believe Russia hacked those emails/server!? There has been ZERO evidence presented/found …”

MARIANO:  Don’t take my word for it. Trust the FBI, CIA and the Department of Homeland Security, which all said the Russians not only hacked servers at the Democratic National Committee headquarters but did so to help Trump. Leaders of those agencies, including former Director of National Intelligence James Clapper, have testified before Congress, under oath, and said that there was no doubt in their conclusion.

Keep in mind that Clapper, who has worked for every president from Kennedy to Obama in some capacity, has questioned Trump’s fitness to be president. He asked, as I did at the end of my recent column, “How much longer does the country have to, to borrow a phrase, endure this nightmare?”

Further, no one has offered any evidence to refute the claims of the U.S. government intelligence agencies. In fact, many Republican senators have said that there is no doubt that the Russians hacked into the servers and tried to influence the election.

KAREN LM:  “Donald Trump is our President. The President of the United States of America. Either you get on board or get the hell out. …”

MARIANO:  No thank you. I choose to stay and fight for the kind of government that will treat all of our citizens equally and respectfully. But you can feel free to leave if my opinions offend you.

DAVE W:  “I wouldn’t wrap a fish in your ‘paper’. gfy.”

MARIANO:  First, my initials are rvm not gfy. Second, you realize that the Worcester Sun is an online publication, don’t you? I don’t see how I can wrap a fish with my computer screen.

M&P CONSERVATIVE:  “… Pence does not ‘want’ to remove LGBT rights, abortion, women’s rights, blah, blah …”

MARIANO:  I was not offering my opinion, I was stating facts. Pence has opposed marriage equality and equal rights. In 2006, he called being gay “a choice” and said gay couples signaled “societal collapse.” In 2007, he opposed a law prohibiting discrimination against LGBT people.

Pence has also supported legislation to limit a woman’s right to choose, and tried to defund Planned Parenthood. So you can say it is not so, but the facts say otherwise.

EARL P:  “Ray Mariano is an idiot.”

MARIANO:  You may have a point.

GUERTIN N:  “mariano is brainless.moron”

MARIANO:  Okay, I think that’s a bit over the top.

JK:  “ ‘Trump must go!’ I do not recall similar scrutinizing of past politicians … seems at times a double standard …”

MARIANO:  Perhaps you missed it. I remember Donald Trump and conservative media pounding President Obama for years claiming that he was not an American-born citizen. I recall countless investigations, led by Republicans, against Hillary Clinton – which by the way never produced a single charge. And Republican leaders said publicly on television that the purpose of the investigations was to stop Hillary Clinton from getting elected. They were never interested in the truth. It was all just a political game.

Then there was Bill Clinton and the investigation into a real estate deal that ended up focusing on his sex life. Intense scrutiny comes with the territory.

MELINDA B:  “… Try some respect for the OFFICE of POTUS – you will be happier and see more beneficial actions bc your eyes won’t be SO blinded.”

MARIANO:  Actually, I can see just fine, thank you. The things that President Trump has done are out in the open for everyone to see – and many of those things are disgraceful. One of our country’s most conservative columnists, Charles Krauthammer, speaking on Fox News called Trump’s response to the events in Charlottesville “a moral disgrace.”

THOMAS S:  “Ray shut your mouth you pathetic liberal f*#&ing puke!!!! … Because you pathetic liberal human beings want more government more people depending upon the government!!!!! …”

MARIANO:  That’s a lot of exclamation marks to go along with such dirty language. As for wanting more people depending upon the government, you could not be more wrong. I designed the only program in the nation that requires able-bodied residents of public housing to go to work or attend school so that they could raise themselves up and off of government assistance – and I received considerable criticism from some Democrats for doing so.

ROBERT R:  “Get rid of this idiot.”

MARIANO:  I agree. Oh, wait, you meant me. Never mind.

BOB G:  “Ray, don’t you have some apartments to look after.”

MARIANO:  You’ve got to keep up man! I retired from the WHA. Now, I’m just living the life. #Peace.

Raymond V. Mariano is a Worcester Sun columnist. He comments on his hometown and global issues that impact it every Sunday in Worcester Sun.

29 thoughts on “Mariano: Responding to Trump supporter comments

  1. Not a single charge against Hillary. Ray, were you on vacation last week when it was reported that Comey decided she was innocent before he interviewed some 17 witnesses? Since when did INTENT become a reason not to proceed with charges? A person who drinks and drives and kills someone on the way home certainly had no INTENT to kill anyone, but they are still charged. A person who leaves a gun unsecured that ends up killing some kid who thought it was empty surely had no INTENT to see that kid dead. Trust the FBI after Comey? Trust the CIA with all the leaking going on? Trust the NSA after they denied that they were invading everyone’s privacy? Surely you jest?
    Let me sum Trump up for you. Trump is the closest person we have to a Nation Stateist that we had to choose from. Hillary and Barak are unrepented Globalists. There goal is to see the demise of the Nation State known as the United States of America. And you do have to admit that Barak did a damn fine job in doing so.

  2. You sound like a mouthpiece for the crooked media …..he meant SOME, not ALL , illegals were murderers and rapists. Is this not a fact ???? You twist what he says just like the crooked political establishment.

    • You leave no room for debate. You have your narrative and your leftist by-the-playbook opinions without any examination of the full picture. There is no wisdom in only looking at one side of the pancake!

  3. Right on Ray. It’s amazing how people refuse to see the facts that are right in front of them and prefer to believe FOX news. When a president prefers to get his daily briefing from the National Enquirer and FOX, rather than the best info gathering network of the US government it’s scary. So with all of the folks have attacked you here. Keep fighting the good fight!

  4. This is the problem with the left. I’m a Hispanic male and I support our president. I understand that the things he says while not always politically correct need to be said. I agree that the delivery is poor and not very classy at times. I’ve seen so many brilliant conservative minds destroy all of your liberal talking points, Ben Shapiro and Bill Whittle and Stefan Molaneaux to name a few. When I listen to both sides of the arguments, I know what makes sense. I truly feel liberal politics if left unchecked will be the downfall of our great country. Not to say I agree with all conservative views. Honestly, I find most politicians dispicable on both sides of the aisle. You are elected to go do a job and serve the people who elected you yet they consistently serve their own interests and agendas once in office. Massachusetts democrats amongst the lowest of the low.

  5. Love your humor and fact based knowledge in answering the people who bash you for wanting Trump out of office. Keep fighting the good fight!

  6. Trump is a Whack Job and we will be lucky if our Children and Their Children have what we have in regard to our country’s respect in the World and Safrty that comes with that. He doesn’t get that it is not Trump Tower and it is not all about him and his ego and idealology . I think that people that still support him are not paying attention ?

  7. A lot of closed minded individuals on here. look at the positives our current Potus has done, Oh that’s against the corrupt filling pocket public servants, that refuse to do the job that We the people elected these officials to do. Term Limits are desperately needed. How do you build such a wealthy bank account on the salaries the public offers ?. Corruption… Also if the healthcare system is good enough for the American People, It should absolutely be good enough for any Senator or Congressman. Enough with the you are better than the people that elected you. We are sick of the perks & the raises you give yourselves. for Not doing your jobs you were paid to do. And no your personal agenda does not count as doing your job’s.

  8. Kudos to you for responding to your criticism. Yes, Ray…I can honestly say there is not any evidence at all that President Trump is a racist. You see, this is the Democrat’s strategy always ….If you repeat something often enough, it becomes truth. You have proven nothing.
    1) The whole country believed the Central Park Five was guilty of that horrific crime- are they all racists, too? It wouldn’t have mattered what race these thugs were- New Yorkers were passionate about this case and Trump’s full page ad called for the death penalty. The teenagers had confessed to the crimes…and quite elaborately and expilicitly (see link). They were cleared of the charges in part after another man confessed but, their alibi is they were beating someone else up. The detectives involved in the case are convinced that they participated in both of the crimes. So, your assertion is an absurd overreach. I believe loudly and proudly that O.J. is guilty….am I a racist?
    2) It was Hillary that led the ‘birther’ movement….and here’s the proof from far left Politico in 2008: But, when a liberal does it, it’s called ‘playing politics’.
    3) The discrimination case brought against Trump and his father was settled with no admission of guilt. Most importantly, for a famous, high-profile, real estate mogul to have only one case of discrimination brought against him in over 50 years- I say bravo!
    4) a. Your accusation is “Trump referred to Mexicans as rapists and murderers”. Quite a contraction. This was Trump’s actual quote, ““When do we beat Mexico at the border? They’re laughing at us, at our stupidity. […] When Mexico sends its people they’re not sending their best. They’re not sending you; they’re not sending you. They’re sending people that have lots of problems, and they’re bringing those problems with us. They’re bringing drugs. They’re bringing crime. They’re rapists, and some, I assume, are good people. But I speak to border guards and they tell us what we’re getting.” Untrue? How? Did you believe Bill Clinton was a racist when he spoke about ‘illegal aliens’? He sounds just like Trump to me: And Hillary wanted and voted for a wall, as well:
    b. The Obama-appointed Judge Curiel is a member of the San Diego La Raza Lawyers (Race lawyers) Association, who supports illegal immigrants (specifically Mexican, Latino, Hispanic) entering the USA and continues to flout US law. Trump appears to be dead on with this one:
    5) Yes, the RETWEET that Trump made about crime statistics from what he thought was a reliable source was a mistake- although most of the other stats lined up with Dept. of Justice stats. It was in response to the liberal media somehow blaming Trump for a BLM antagonist being hurt at his Alabama rally. I have always maintained that he should get off twitter- still doesn’t make him a racist.
    In conclusion, your lame attempt to prove that President Trump is a racist will only appeal to his staunch haters- and there are many in these parts. I would even suggest that there is far more proof that Hillary is a racist than Trump is. She started the ‘birther movement’: She called blacks superpredators. She was endorsed by KKK Grand Dragon Will Quigg Hillary’s “friend and mentor” was KKK icon Senator Robert Byrd: And let’s not forget Bill Clinton’s mentor was segregationist J. William Fulbright.
    Why is it that Trump won the Ellis Island Award in 1986 alongside Rosa Parks and Muhammed Ali for his work in the Black community? And if Trump’s base is Nazis and KKK members, how did he get elected? Even the far left Southern Povery Law Center cites there are only 0.003 KKK members in U.S.
    It’s a dangerous precedent to call someone a racist without any proof- it’s a serious charge.
    Donald Trump is 71 years old. Doesn’t it amaze anyone that a man can live his whole extremely public life and never have been accused of being a racist until he entered the presidential race against a Clinton? It shouldn’t.

  9. Thanks Colleen.
    One can only wonder where the “fine -toothed comb” had been hiding.
    Looks like Mr. Mariano found it.
    Observing/examining the corruption and collusion of the last 8 years while some people “turned a blind eye” and others seem to defend the indefensible speaks to some sort of subconscious hypocracy. Party affiliation is powerful, but at what cost?

  10. The problem with Ray’s attempts at responses is not only that he picks and chooses the easiest comments to which to reply, but he also will not stick to the point –he instead tries to divert your attention by bringing up the red herrings of Trump racism and duplicity.

    Why not stick to the point Ray. Your original column stated that Trump had to be IMPEACHED, immediately. YET you provided no impeachable offences and still refuse to do so in the follow-up.

    This is the mark of a leftist mind–use logic only until it stops working for you, and then throw in emotional language to confound the reader. This is also why one should never debate with a leftist–they will scream, cry, and hate you forever, rather than have a civil discourse.

    As for Trump, I admit I wish he would stop with the tweets but I still vastly prefer him to the ineffectual Obama who caused the flood of migrants into Europe by abandoning the middle east, invaded Libya on a whim and made it an ISIS oasis, wasted trillions of dollars with nothing to show for it (failed to oversee the stimulus and then funded every pork barrel the democrats could create), and worsened race relations in this country.

    But Ray wont talk about those things, perhaps because he doesn’t understand them. Or prefers not to try. It’s simply a lot easier to pile on with every other hack in print, social media, and TV who is VICIOUSLY piling on our president, isn’t it Ray. I bet it makes you feel good. What Trump has had to endure is unprecedented and I would support him for that reason alone.

  11. In more than one of my columns, I have detailed several reasons that would qualify for impeachment. The easiest to look at is a violation of the Emoluments Clause of the Consitution. While you may disagree, and that is certainly your right, many legal scholars have written that this is solid ground for impeachment.

    • If you want to say that, in your opinion, Trump sucks as a president and/or as a man, that’s your right, that’s fine, and I think all of us would defend it. You could leave it that, like Dianne Williamson does, ad nauseum.

      But to state that the president must be impeached, without presenting evidence, makes the article just like all the other hateful hyperbole that’s out there. You cant impeach a president because you don’t like him. (Saying that “many legal scholars have written that this is solid ground for impeachment” is not proof.)

      • Those legal scholars base their opinions on proof that is readily available. In my column I detail several of those relating to the Emoluments clause.

  12. None of those have been proven, and are no more than allegations. If they were proven, he would already have been impeached, by his own party, no less.

    Either you believe in “innocent until proven guilty”, or you do not.

  13. Trust the fbi ……that says it all right there…..i think he is jealous of trump…little ray never made it out of worcester. ….

  14. Ray, You have always been a stand up man! Your hard work and plans align with moving forward in Worcester. I to agree with your plan if you live in housing you have choices; go to school or work. You would think people would want to better their lives an not rely on assistance. As for Trump I’m still scratching my head to think he has any followers, he pushing us back 50 years with his policy/changes. We will all stand up and fight, United we stand departed we fall.

  15. Trump has never been racist. Like many other big NY landlords in the 60s and 70s Trump’s father’s company was investigated on claims of discrimination, HUD didn’t win against Trump, yet you lie about it. Try addressing the Clinton’s stealing $9 billion in Haitian earthquake relief, instead of trying to slander our president. As to the birther issue, that was started by Hillary Clinton, not Donald Trump. He merely requested Obama provide his official long form birth certificate, after all, Obama started it by claiming John McCain wasn’t born in the US & needed to show his birth certificate. certificate. Which he did. Funny how you leftists are ok when it’s Obama saying this or that. A child needs to show his or her birth certificate to register in school yet Obama refused for years to do a simple thing Trump cited the factual, based on govt statistics Color of Crime report, which you can read on pdf using the link below, you and other leftists misquote him. i.e. “Of the nearly 770,000 violent interracial crimes committed every year involving blacks and whites, blacks commit 85% and whites commit 15%”
    Every other claim you tried making is equally false and misleading, for example you reference Trump making an opinion on the death penalty but you don’t mention it was after the vicious violent Central Park gang rape and assault of a female jogger but he didn’t support it based on race. Nor did Trump say all Mexicans are rapists etc, he said “Mexico isn’t sending their best, but sending drug dealers, rapists, murderers, etc” Nor did he criticize the judge for being Mexican, but for his not recusing himself as the law requires, because of the judge being a member of the Hispanic supremacist group, La Raza, “the race”. & NO, the FBI etc has not proven Russian hacking, the DNC refused to even let them examine their servers. & Clapper has abused power and broken laws. He’s unfit to be in govt. Every one of your lies was disproven during the campaign. You resent anyone who doesn’t let you have your way, exercising their rights.

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