September 24, 2017

Mariano: Thoughts about clowns, Trump, Brookline, and books I will never read

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Courtesy Pat Payaso

Is Boston trying to keep up with Worcester in terms of political clowns per capita?

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Ray Mariano

Sometimes I think we have all gone a little crazy. Our politics have gone from strange, to bizarre, to just plain weird. Then I read the news and I know that we have lost it.

Here are a few things I have noticed lately that are a clear indication we are ready to visit a padded room with no windows.

Boston has a clown running for the city council. What about Worcester?

I am not making this up. A man dressed as a clown sporting a rainbow wig, red nose and clown makeup in his campaign photos is an official candidate for the Boston City Council. Kevin McCrea, who changed his name to Pat Payaso — the last name means clown in Spanish — is one of eight candidates seeking four at-large seats on the council.

According to the Boston Herald, McCrea/Payaso, who is a successful developer, also loaned his campaign $1 million. I mean, this guy should at least try to be original. Think about it, a rich businessman using his own money to fund a campaign with clown makeup and weird hair, where have I seen that before?

NOTE: Boston has only one clown running for the city council: in Worcester, we call that a slow year!

Trump hits Clinton with a golf ball

President Trump is the king of strange, the master of bizarre. And when he gets his fingers pounding out tweets, well, who knows what he might say or do. His most recent journey into the world of the bizarre has him retweeting a video that shows Trump hitting a golf ball that ends up whacking Hillary Clinton on the back and knocking her to the ground.

How incredibly childish! The president of the United States has the time and inclination to retweet a video showing him attacking Clinton and knocking her to the ground. Who needs to worry about the possibility of a nuclear war with North Korea when you can show yourself knocking a woman to the ground and at the same time impress people with your golfing prowess?

What a classy guy!

Brookline wins the politically correct crown

Brookline is a lovely community. But, when it comes to politics, the people of Brookline make Fidel Castro seem like a conservative.

Recently, a few members of the community wanted to make a point about gender neutrality. So they put a proposal before Town Meeting to amend town bylaws to replace the word “selectmen” with “selectwomen” – not in addition to, but in place of.

OK, I get why a woman serving on the town board would not want to be referred to as a selectman. Most communities refer to them as “selectperson” to avoid that problem. And it is wholly appropriate to call a man “selectman” and a woman “selectwoman.”

It is also appropriate to change the title of the board from “board of selectmen” to “select board.”

But that is not good enough for Brookline. They want everyone to be called selectwomen. I guess you could argue that putting the shoe on the other foot makes sense. But, really, don’t they have a dog park to build?

The proposal will be discussed at the November Town Meeting. I can hardly wait.

Trump MAGA hats set on fire

We have all seen Trump’s “Make America Great Again” hats. You know, the hats he had made in China. Trump supporters refer to these as MAGA hats.

Anyway, recently, more than a few Trump loyalists actually set their chapeaus on fire because they were furious that their leader had the temerity to meet and make a deal with Democratic leaders in Congress. Oh the shame!

Think about it. For the first eight months of his administration, President Trump could not get the Congress to do anything. So El Presidente (that’s what he prefers to be called) calls in the Democrats and he has far and away his most productive month. The government avoids a threatened shutdown, Congress extends the debt ceiling, provides much needed hurricane relief, opens discussions on a proposal to resolve DACA to allow “Dreamers” to stay in the United States, and starts a conversation about bipartisan tax reform.

And some Trumpsters are so mad that they burned their MAGA hats!

Conservative firebrand and ardent Trump defender Ann Coulter was so angry that she tweeted, “At this point who doesn’t want Trump impeached?”

As they see it, I guess it would have been better to shut down the government, cause financial chaos and let the poor hurricane survivors in Texas and Florida just fend for themselves.

I almost felt bad for President Trump – almost!

Clinton and Brady write books

Hillary Clinton and Tom Brady both introduced new books recently. I will not be buying or reading either one.

Flickr / Gage Skidmore

Hillary Clinton

It was nice to see HC on all of the talk shows. She was smart, articulate and direct. For a moment, I imagined what it would be like to have a president who could restrain herself enough not to call the leader of a nation “Rocket Man” or insult and ridicule the attorney general of our country by calling him an “idiot.”

But as for her book, “What Happened,” there isn’t much of a point. We all know what happened – she lost. There are a dozen reasons why, but in the end, she bears the burden.

As for “The TB12 Method,” I guess I am a lost cause. First, I am long past 40 years old. At my age, what is the point? Second, as much as I love ice cream, who the heck wants to eat avocado ice cream?

No matter what I eat or how hard I work out, the Patriots are never going to give me a shot. Besides, my wife loves me just the way I am. So bring on the pistachio!

Trump wants a military parade

When I first read this I thought it was fake news. But it turns out to be true. President Trump, aka Dear Leader, wants to showcase America’s military power by hosting a parade of military assets down Pennsylvania Avenue on July 4.

Trump says he was inspired by a parade that he attended in Paris on July 14. However, reports now confirm that he wanted to have military hardware on display during his Inaugural Parade but was talked out of it – obviously by saner minds.

We all laugh when the North Koreans hold one of their foolish military spectacles. The point of these events is to show the world that they have enough military muscle to be taken seriously.

In America’s case, the world knows that we are the most powerful military nation on the planet. So what is the point? Certainly, we all take great pride in seeing our servicemen and women on parade. That is as it should be. But, there is no need to bring out the hardware.

I guess it won’t be so bad, as long as Dear Leader doesn’t make us wear those drab North Korean uniforms and clap until our arms fall off.

Death squads

You can’t make this stuff up. Coulter, the political wacko — I mean firebrand — recently suggested there were several options now that President Trump is talking to Democratic leaders about allowing “Dreamers” to stay in the United States. One of the options she actually suggested was the use of “death squads.” The other option was impeachment.

Now, I am not a Trump supporter, but I think death is a bit of an overreaction. Just impeach the guy and let him go back to firing people on television.

Like I said, it is getting pretty crazy out there.

Raymond V. Mariano is a Worcester Sun columnist. He comments on his hometown and global issues that impact it every Sunday in Worcester Sun.

4 thoughts on “Mariano: Thoughts about clowns, Trump, Brookline, and books I will never read

  1. I am the only who remembers Tom Lehrer singing about how in the 60’s that “we’ve got a senator who can really sing and dance”?

    Comity in DC borders on myth and as Harry Truman sagely noted long ago: “”If you want a friend in Washington, get a dog.”

    For but one example, the now late Senator Ted Kennedy torpedoed then President Nixon’s proposal for universal health care out of arguable spit because it wasn’t his own as well as comparable plan.

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