September 9, 2017

Painting frames pathway to healing: Local artist Campion seeks to end silence of sexual assault

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Laura Marotta

Jane M. Campion combines her love and talent for art with her work as a counselor at Pathways for Change.

“Love who you are,” a painting by Jane M. Campion, who is a young, vibrant professional and practicing artist, inspires survivors of sexual assault, according to the painting’s owner, Quiana Langley-Carr, who keeps it prominently displayed on her office wall at Pathways for Change Inc.

A couple of years ago, Jane was showing some of her paintings at Electric Haze, a Green Island bar and live music venue. Jane always believed she was meant to reach out and help others through her art, but little did she know that selling this painting to Langley-Carr, who is Pathways’ hotline and volunteer coordinator, would be the catalyst for a new future.

Courtesy Jane M. Campion

“Love who you are,” by Jane M. Campion

Jane remembers having several childhood friends who went through a lot of trauma, and she was sometimes even a witness to those events. She says what a lot of people don’t realize is that, when we hurt, our family hurts and our friends hurt. In college, Jane became a women’s studies and multicultural studies major.

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