September 26, 2017

Worcester Sun, Sept. 27: Pot leaders spark director search, Recalde’s Sidewalk Cafe, sports and the racial divide + more

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Sam Doran / State House News Service

CCC Chairman Steven Hoffman

Beacon Hill notebook

State of Politics: Cannabis commissioners eye swift director hire |  Tuesday the Cannabis Control Commission approved a job description for the executive director and set out a timeline to hire that person. Plus: Video of Charlie Baker talking Trump tactics and the future of health care. And, survey says: the state’s transportation needs improvement.

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Giselle Rivera-Flores / For Worcester Sun

Recalde’s Sidewalk Cafe opened in February at 534 Pleasant St.

Recalde’s Sidewalk Café is an unexpected slice of home |  With salsa music playing in the background, the sounds of the Spanish language lingering in the air and the open-arms welcome from their employees, Recalde’s Sidewalk Café, open since February, is all about the Spanish culture. It’s an effort embracing and elevating the feeling of eating at abuela’s house.

Last week’s most read articles:

Giselle Rivera-Flores

Sun Spots with Hitch [Vol. 201]: Trump bashing? There’s a remote chance you’ll miss it |  Even the best of our presidents had their flaws. Transformational JFK was a legendary lecher (and not the only one). Washington and Jefferson were among those to infamously own slaves. The list goes on. But President Trump raises the ire of his opponents like few elected leaders in history. His recent irresponsibly pandering speech and attack on the First Amendment rights of NFL players is merely the latest salvo from the Troll-in-Chief. Hitch, for one, thinks it’s high time to change the channel.

Used with permission of Michael Oppong

Michael Oppong was among the first local athletes to exercise his First Amendment rights during the playing of the national anthem prior to a 2016 Doherty football game.

Editorial: Sports and the racial divide |  After last weekend’s social media inferno, we look at the underappreciated role sports plays in bridging racial problems. “From T-ball and Pop Warner football to Major League Baseball, the NBA and the NFL, players are taught and understand that success depends on the ability of those in similar uniforms, not on the race of the people inside those uniforms. … Us vs. Them takes on an entirely different meaning on the field of play, whether as a participant or a fan.”

Flickr / Prayitno

Americans favor legalized gambling — which would be a springboard to millions in revenue that the state desperately needs.

One thing Americans can agree on? Legalize pro sports betting, poll says |  “A majority of Americans now favor sports betting, but this is especially true among respondents younger than 50,” a UMass Lowell professor said in a statement. “I would not be surprised if we see a push to legalize sports betting in more states, especially in states with the ballot initiative.”

Michael Sam

Courtesy of Worcester State University

Michael Sam will kick off the Worcester State University Diversity Lecture Series on Wednesday, Sept. 27.

Inbox [Sept. 27]: News and notes from Worcester State, MCPHS and Worcester Public Schools, Women Out in Worcester, Literacy Volunteers, Anna Maria |  Have news you or your group would like to share? Let us know by emailing it to Be sure to include a link to the full release on your site or Facebook page so we can include it and send Sun members your way.

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