October 17, 2017

Worcester Sun announces plans to publish print edition

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We’re ready to take the next step.

I am pleased to announce that the Worcester Sun will soon begin publishing a print edition.

Even before we began publishing in August 2015, we wrote, “Our goal is to fulfill our promise of creating the kind of impact journalism the Worcester community can rally behind and support.”

We asked for your support, and you gave it. Because of you, we remain the city’s only growing media company. A majority of our subscribers in those first months signed up for long-term options and continue to follow us. That wasn’t a blip. It was a heartbeat.

And we’ve been getting stronger ever since.

“We’ve been working hard for a long time to build a foundation upon which this was possible,” said Fred Hurlbrink Jr., Sun co-founder, vice president and editor. “To be able to turn the hustle, talent and dedication of our contributors, partners, advisors and friends into this singular opportunity is extremely exciting and gratifying. I hope our readers’ expectations are high. I know mine are.”

A print edition is now the logical next step for us. It complements our digital presence and lays the groundwork for us to continue to build a sustainable multi-platform media company that supports the creation of journalism in Worcester.

We’ll announce the date of the Sun’s inaugural print edition and additional details shortly, but here’s what I can say today:

The print edition of the Worcester Sun will contain the features our readers have come to expect, from columnists Ray Mariano and Chris Sinacola to cartoonist David Hitch to our regular features such as Local Business Spotlight, Sun Serial and more, like plugged-in sports and arts coverage, insightful takes on education, politics and city life.

A print edition also allows us to supplement our offerings with more news and more regular and recurring features. As we’ve been publishing for more than two years, we grow more confident that we’ve really come to understand what our audience wants and expects.

The Sun’s print edition will be available for home delivery and in retail outlets. Current subscribers to the digital version of the Sun will have the option of receiving a copy of the print product delivered to their home, and we will shortly begin reaching out to current subscribers to allow them to opt in to receiving print.

The $2 subscription cost of the print version will come with digital access to stories of wide-ranging local impact every Wednesday and Sunday.

In addition to providing readers with what we believe is the best storytelling, commentary and journalism in Worcester, the Sun will introduce a unique way for small businesses to engage their customers (more details coming soon).

As a relatively new company launching a new product we’re able to look at things differently. With respect to advertising that means we understand that competition for marketing dollars is increasingly tough.

If we want to provide value to the advertiser we need to understand that our competition is not just other print products, but digital offerings such as social media, as well. We believe everyone, especially small businesses that advertise on social media, will be very pleased with what we’re planning and our prices.

It’s for years been true that Worcester is a city on the move. There is a vibrancy and electricity in the city — and an urge to be better, to reach higher — that is palpable.

We believe now, as we did in 2015, that if we invest in Worcester — with hyperlocal content, city-based journalists and area business partners — readers and advertisers would invest in us.

Thank you for being with us so far. You’re the reason we’re able to take this exciting next step. We look forward to continuing our journey together.

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