October 4, 2017

Worcester Sun, Oct. 4: Las Vegas massacre, Mass. gun laws, National Mental Health Awareness Week + more

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It's disheartening to know that gun sales in America are about to spike after the massacre in Las Vegas.

In light of Vegas massacre, DeLeo sets meeting on Mass. gun law |  The House speaker told reporters he plans to meet with Northeastern University criminologist Jack McDevitt Thursday to review the impact of a 2014 gun law that included suicide prevention initiatives, firearm tracing and new background check requirements.

Editorial: American Roulette |  The commercialization by gun-rights advocates of fear, fundraising, lobbying and gun sales has industrialized opposition to even the most sensible of gun control measures. But there is wide bipartisan support — greater than 75 percent — for measures including those that would prevent the mentally ill from purchasing guns. Yet, nothing is done. As America again licks its wounds, we ask, What’s next?

Guest commentary

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Marianne Clyde

Marianne Clyde: It’s National Mental Health Awareness Week — here’s why this is a big deal for employers |  “Giving employees the opportunity to strengthen their own sense of self and value, teaching them to embrace emotionally intelligent concepts such as respect for self and others, gratitude, forgiveness, effective communication, responsiveness instead of reactiveness and effective coping skills under stress is clearly to your benefit. What if everyone in your workplace was healthy mentally, emotionally and had enhanced relationship skills?”

Sun Spots with Hitch [Vol. 203]: Warren and Markey, first responders |  There are about 3.4 million people — Americans — living in Puerto Rico. Nearly two weeks ago Hurricane Maria devastated the island. Yesterday, half of those Americans were still without drinking water and some two-thirds remained without electricity, including a few hospitals. President Trump, as has become American custom, has been widely criticized for his callous, less-than-urgent response. Never fear, though, Hitch says, because Senators Elizabeth Warren and Ed Markey are on the case.

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A familiar sight with his signature straw hat: Fairway Beef owner George Sigel.

Meat and greet: Fairway Beef’s Sigel, customers share unbreakable bond |  If one visits the establishment and concludes, “They certainly don’t make ‘em like that anymore,” that’s the best compliment anyone can offer, according to George Sigel, one of the four sons of Manny Sigel, who opened the store in 1946. Now 82, George is the front man. With the straw hat and big smile, you can’t miss him if you tried.

Sam Doran / State House News Service

Sen. Harriette Chandler told lawmakers Tuesday her bill “ensures that no changes at the federal level” could impact women’s contraceptive access in Massachusetts.

Chandler-backed birth control bill gains traction, would ease access |  The morning-after emergency contraception pill would be as accessible as a flu shot in Massachusetts and birth control pills could be purchased in 12-month supplies, under compromise legislation agreed to by the insurance industry and reproductive rights advocates.

Inbox [Oct. 4]: News and notes from National Grid, Holy Name and WPI, Sen. Chandler, Research Bureau, AdCare, Anna Maria, UniBank |  Have news you or your group would like to share? Let us know by emailing it to info@worcester.ma. Be sure to include a link to the full release on your site or Facebook page so we can include it and send Sun members your way.

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