November 26, 2017

Editorial: A toy that’s too real

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Wikimedia Commons / public domain

Not all Airsoft guns, like this Desert Eagle .44 Magnum, come with the telltale orange tip. Where's the sense in that?

Better laws, and better sense by the public, should be preventing what almost happened in Spencer last week.

A toy gun could have caused a shooting from a real one during a routine traffic stop.

Tuesday night, officers pulled over a car on Meadow Road in Spencer for speeding, according to a Facebook post by the Spencer Police Department. “The rear seat passenger of the vehicle was reaching for the floor as the officer approached,” the post reads. “It was obvious that the occupants had smoked marijuana from the strong odor that came from the interior.”

The officer noticed what looked like a holster for a firearm on the floor of the vehicle, and ordered all three occupants to step out.

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