December 16, 2017

Editorial: Deepening into the season

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This, right now, is surely the biggest, most bustling time of the year.

All of a sudden, it’s mid-December. Lots of people who are usually on top of things are counting the days until Christmas with disbelief. Seriously, nine days? Then eight, seven, six, five … ? Yikes. Just yesterday it was weeks away — we thought!

Mile-long to-do lists cram into pockets, quicken steps, intrude on thoughts. Millions are on deadline, and there’s nothing they can do about it except get the priority items accomplished. (Mall visit — check! Mixing bowl, cookie cutters, sprinkles, bake, cleanup — check!)

Unlike many of the rest of the year’s commitments that you can sort-of fudge once in a while, Christmas is a doozie, and it never takes a snow day or other delay. Usually there isn’t even a snooze button that morning. Dec. 25, 6 a.m. or 7, it’s showtime at last … and over too fast!

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