December 9, 2017

Editorial: For you. About you.

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You, dear readers, matter. Advertisers, those local businesses that ask for your support and provide local jobs to local people, matter. And stories, those written about the place you live, work and play, matter.

It was with this in mind that we created Worcester Sun more than two years ago as a subscription website, and it is with this in mind that we bring you today’s inaugural print edition.

“Why?” is the question we heard most often when we announced our plans to publish a physical newspaper. It’s a legitimate question in an industry that for the past 20 years has responded to almost every outside challenge by creating two more for itself in the form of staff cuts, price increases, reductions in local coverage, delivery problems, and so on.

We’ve known since creating Worcester Sun that readers, advertisers and stories matter more than how we present them to you.

Online is easy, cheap and effective, but it has drawbacks. In a medium of so many voices, it’s harder to be heard. And the connection between readers and advertisers is almost nonexistent because ads are so ubiquitous and obnoxious.

Print, meanwhile, has well-documented challenges, but it’s far from dead. It persists because it’s still the most trusted medium for journalism, and also the most memorable and persuasive medium for advertising. And print, we have always felt, goes hand-in-hand with place. Today you’re holding this paper to read or save for later, and probably so is a neighbor.

In short, as we build a business that supports strong, original, local journalism, it feels natural for us to expand into print. It also feels exciting.

The Sun understands that in an age in which people who like news are bombarded with it through their electronic devices, telling them things they already know is a waste of everyone’s time.

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One thought on “Editorial: For you. About you.

  1. Congratulations on The Sun’s inaugural print edition! It was a treat to receive it in my mailbox today. Kudos on continuing your thoughtful, in depth , just plain good writing .

    Looking forward to many more satisfying reads-

    Barbara Athy