January 19, 2018

Worcester County obituaries, Jan. 19, 2018

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Worcester Sun publishes obituaries daily. Click here to see obituary listings from previous days.

Today’s obituary listings from Central Mass. funeral homes.


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David J. Allen, 75 — Obituary

Harry J. Atsales, 89, of Brooklyn, Conn. — Obituary

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Janice A. (Celley) Baker, 81, of Douglas — Obituary

Cynthia J. (Crosier) Baird, 80, of Ware — Obituary

Therese A. (LaChance) Barney, 94, of Lunenburg — Obituary

Eileen Beaudry of Southbridge — Obituary

Rev. Joseph R. Bielonko, 85, of Webster — Obituary

Ruth Boudreau, 91, of Northbridge — Obituary

Marlene S. (Majeau) Brochu, 79, of Northbridge — Obituary

Claire T. Burke, 86, of Worcester — Obituary

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Marilyn A. (Laprad) Carlson, 79, of Auburn — Obituary

Richard N. “Rick” Carlson, 65 — Obituary

Robert Shields “Bob” Carter, 88, of Holden, Harwich and Fairfield, Conn. — Obituary

Evangelous “Gil” Chrisikos, 86, of Southbridge — Obituary

Thomas A. Connor, 76, of Rockland and Worcester — Obituary

Roger E.  Cote, 68, of Spencer — Obituary

Gerard E. Cotnoir, 63, of Putnam, Conn. — Obituary

Karren (Kartell) Cowl, 75, of Providence — Obituary

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Dean Andrew Dombrowik, 79, of Phillipston — Obituary

Paul Arthur Doucette, 73, of Mendon — Obituary

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Lorraine M. (Hermanson) Fuller, 88, of Bolton — Obituary

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Lillian B. (Sourdif) Gagne, 90 of Spencer — Obituary

Patricia A. (Sheehan) Ganias, 66, of Worcester — Obituary

Hiram Bradford Gibbs Jr., 92, of Auburn — Obituary

David K. Gow, 51, of Worcester — Obituary

Roger Graveline — Obituary

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Gerald Francis Hatch, 72, of Fitchburg and Woburn — Obituary

Ricky M. Hendrickson, 62, of Hardwick — Obituary

Nancy “Butchie” (Laviolette) Hertach, 77, of Leominster — Obituary

John A. Hopkins, 48, of Ashburnham — Obituary

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Rhea A. (Bercume) Leahy, 78, of Spencer — Obituary

Theresa C. Lubecki, 89, of Dudley — Obituary

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Michael S. MacIntosh, 19, of Westminster and Gardner — Obituary

Robert Lee Mackenzie, 85, of Westborough — Obituary

Alice V. (Cruz) Martel, 58, of Southbridge — Obituary

Camille P. (Wall) Martin, 89, of Northborough — Obituary

Joan M. (McElligott) McGrath, 61, of  Sturbridge — Obituary

Veronica McNally — Obituary

Alice M. (Russell) McQueston, 94, of Gardner — Obituary

Edward P. Metivier, 87, formerly of Worcester — Obituary

Eleanor M. (Appelof) Ross Middleton, 84, of Millville — Obituary

Marilyn L. (Bott) Milks, 83, of North Brookfield — Obituary

Ethelinda “Linda” B. Montfort, 92, of Cheshire, Conn., and Webster — Obituary

Lena T. (Dudek) Moroz, 99, of Webster — Obituary

Florence C. Motyka, 84, of Webster — Obituary

Catherine J. (Anderson) Murphy, 100, of Clinton — Obituary

Irene M. (Toloczko) Murphy, 100, of Sturbridge/Fiskdale — Obituary

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Victoria A. “Vicky” (Opacki) Nadeau, 89, of Auburn — Obituary

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Christian N. Onorato, 31, of Grafton — Obituary

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Martino Palladino, 65, of Worcester — Obituary

Mabel G. (Gwen) Perkins, 101, of North Brookfield — Obituary

Donna L. (Nordstrom) Plante, 71, of Dudley — Obituary

Michael Albert Pozzi, 51, of Worcester — Obituary

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Jane E. (Ellis) Rielly, 71, of Uxbridge — Obituary

Dorothy M. Ryan, 95, of Clinton — Obituary

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Philip P. “Phil” “Smitty” Smith, 75, of Otter River — Obituary

Patricia A. (Quirk) Spain, 83 — Obituary

Dorothy Jean England Stewart, 99, of Milford — Obituary

Carl P. Sundin, 105, of Largo, Fla., and Worcester — Obituary

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Bryce A. Thurlow, 21, of Southbridge — Obituary

Elsa B. (Borgatti) Tivnan of Shrewsbury — Obituary

Henry J. “Hank” Toboyko, 90, of Auburn — Obituary

Charles G. Truax III, 60, of Lunenburg — Obituary

Anthony F. Tritone, 73 — Obituary

William E. Tuttle Jr., 79, of Barre — Obituary

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Mary Ann (Hill) Walsh, 90, of Leominster,  Tucson, Ariz., and Fitchburg — Obituary

Mary-Emma (Duffy) Weir, 98, of Holden — Obituary

Jackie C. (Watson) Whitney, 86 — Obituary

James H. Woodworth, 33, of Southbridge and North Brookfield — Obituary

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Worcester Sun publishes obituaries daily. Click here to see obituary listings from previous days.

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