June 18, 2018

Worcester County obituaries, June 18, 2018

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Worcester Sun publishes obituaries daily. Listings are published for seven days or until the day after services, whichever comes first.

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Here are Monday’s obituary listings from Central Mass. funeral homes.


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Phyllis H. (Beane) Anderson, 92, of Oxford — Obituary

Amber D. Andrews, 39, of Daneilson, Conn.  — Obituary

Deborah A. (Wyman) Atchue, 68, of West Boylston — Obituary

Steven M. Auclair, 64, of Ware — Obituary

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George L. Bayrouty Sr., 87, of Lake Worth, Fla., and Worcester — Obituary

Anne (Froehlich) Beaudreault, 59, of North Grosvenordale, Conn. — Obituary

Kelly Ann (McClelland) Bishop, 41, of Auburn — Obituary

Clifford R. Blake Jr., 91, of Winchendon — Obituary

Walter J Boucher, 72, of Worcester — Obituary

Brian Boulay, 34, of Dublin, Ireland, and Auburn — Obituary

Gary Stephen Brackett of Worcester — Obituary

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Shayra D. Caez, 33, of Worcester — Obituary

Robert Antonio Ciavola, 78, of Auburn, Holden and Clinton — Obituary

James G. “Jimmy” Contacos, 93, of West Brookfield — Obituary

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Margaret Benedetti Davenport, 99, of Westborough — Obituary

Mary Ellen (Campbell) DiLiddo, 76, of Worcester — Obituary

Beverley Domiano of Shrewsbury — Obituary

Michael B. Donnelly, 57, of Leominster — Obituary

Richard J. Doyle Sr., 96, of Worcester — Obituary

Elizabeth Ann “Betty” (Tenney) Duval, 86, of Winchendon — Obituary

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Barbara E. (Dickie) Filippone, 79, of Worcester — Obituary

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Barbara J. Gleason, 85, of Putnam, Conn. — Obituary

Torey Lynne Goodsell, 19, of Clinton — Obituary

David W. (Dave) Gopfert of Pittsfield and Spencer — Obituary

Aubrey A. Grasso — Obituary

Germaine H. (Harnois) Grenon, 97 — Obituary

James J. Griswold, 78 of Southbridge — Obituary

Marie M. Grummell, 88, of Worcester — Obituary

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Brent E. Hajec, 66, of Webster — Obituary

Lester G. “Les” Hall, 67, of Swanzey, N.H., and Gardner — Obituary

Judith Ann (Smith) Harris, 73, of Worcester — Obituary

Donald D. Henderson, 63, of Westborough — Obituary

Eva E. (Rantala) Hirvi, 85, of Paxton — Obituary

David Hryzan, 57, of Dudley — Obituary

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Pauline (Rutana) Isabelle, 81, of Uxbridge — Obituary

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John A. Jones, 94, of Worcester — Obituary

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Panagiotis “Peter” Kasidakos, 92, of Worcester — Obituary

June G. (Dick) Kisiel, 87, of Gardner — Obituary

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Dorothy A. (Sheehan) Laliberte, 83, of Spencer — Obituary

Viola M. (Breau) LaRoche, 86, of Princeton — Obituary

Barbara J. Leavitt, 96, of Leominster and Fitchburg — Obituary

Tracey Lynn (Ruttan) Holder LeBlanc, 37, of Lunenburg — Obituary

Celia A. Lebudzinski, 92 — Obituary

Gwendolyn M. (Vienneau) LeClair, 84, of Douglas and Sutton — Obituary

Tony D.Y. Lem, 95, of Fitchburg — Obituary

Gabriella V. “Gabby”  Lowell, 20, of Worcester — Obituary

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Thomas L. Maloof, 76, of Petersham and Worcester area — Obituary

Dorothy A. McNamara, 88, of Worcester — Obituary

Suzanne “Miss Sue” Miville — Obituary

Steven P. Mora, 35, of Clinton and Holden — Obituary

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Gary  Nevue, 59, of Warren — Obituary

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Rose M. (Bernard) Perry, 91, of Leicester — Obituary

Dianne M. (Kularski) Ploof, 71, of Westminster and North Brookfield — Obituary

Phillip (Phillippe) Charles Posson, 75, of Shrewsbury — Obituary

Patricia L. (Carter) Pritchard, 75, of Spencer — Obituary

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Biselva Rivera, 68, of Southbridge — Obituary

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Betty J. (Liberty) Salvadore, 87, of Westborough — Obituary

Kevin F. Shannon, 60, of Grafton — Obituary

Michael Joseph Smith, 29, of Oxford — Obituary

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Werner Tessnau, 75, of Oakham — Obituary

Charlene M. Thibeault, 63, of Grafton — Obituary

Matthew Scott Trottier, 57, of Webster — Obituary

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Paul H. Vaillette, 92, formerly of North Grafton — Obituary

Arthur “AJ” James Vogel, 58 — Obituary

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Eunice D. (Dahl) Wiles, 100, of Princeton — Obituary

Harold F. Wray 88, of Webster and Worcester — Obituary

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Elizabeth A. “Betty” (LaFrenier) Zimmerman, 81, of Templeton — Obituary

Worcester Sun publishes obituaries daily. Listings are published for seven days or until the day after services, whichever comes first.

Click here to see obituary listings from previous days.

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