August 6, 2018

Worcester County obituaries, Aug. 6, 2018

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Worcester Sun publishes obituaries daily. Listings are published for seven days or until the day after services, whichever comes first.

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Here are Monday’s obituary listings from Central Mass. funeral homes.


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D. ‘Quinton’-Sorel Asquith, 27, of Sturbridge — Obituary

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Pauline P. Baker, 77, of North Grosvenordale, Conn. — Obituary

Evelyn A. (Angelo) Belanger, 95, of Southbridge — Obituary

Theodore J. Bellerive, 74, of Southbridge — Obituary

Fernande E. (Tourigny) Bergeron, 95, of Shirley — Obituary

Lois M. (Milligan) Boyce of Holden — Obituary

Ernest P. Brackett Sr., 85, of Worcester — Obituary

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Beatrice (Miller) Canan, 95, of Worcester — Obituary

Jewell A. (Murch) Clarke, 79, of Mendon — Obituary

Edna C. Cove, 106, of Worcester — Obituary

Regina A. Cunic, 80, of Worcester — Obituary

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Angel A. DeCastro, 29, of Worcester — Obituary

Vincent A. DiBenedetto, 70, of Worcester — Obituary

Alfred A. Doane Jr., 75, of Hubbardston — Obituary

John A. Dragon, 91, of Webster — Obituary

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Steven L. Etzweiler, 46, of Webster — Obituary

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Donald P. Garnache, 85, of Auburn — Obituary

Elaine L. (Frantz) Gaspard, 87, of Winchendon and Ashburnham — Obituary

Thomas H. Glatiotis Sr., 90, of Leominster — Obituary

Stanley I. Gordon Jr., 85, of Leominster — Obituary

Melvin H. Gorham III, 35, of Bolton — Obituary

Irene Mary (Budrejko) Goyette, 72, of Rochdale — Obituary

Lawrence A. “Larry” Grenier, 63, of North Uxbridge — Obituary

James L. Griffin, 69, of Leicester — Obituary

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Carol (Fitzpatrick) Hanson, 83, of Worcester — Obituary

Adele F. (Aucoin) Haynes of Shrewsbury — Obituary

William M. Hitzenbuhler, 56, of Lancaster — Obituary

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William S. Josselyn, 85, of Southbridge — Obituary

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Peter Kapteyn, 91, of Southborough — Obituary

Jean Scott Karpuk, 93, of Northborough — Obituary

Vangjo (aka Gjoleka Conda) Konda, 92, of Worcester — Obituary

Leif Kristiansson, 87, of Worcester — Obituary

Kristina M. Krull, 25, of Leicester — Obituary

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Windy Helen (Noonan) Lajoie, 71, of Spencer — Obituary

Gabriel Torres Langer — Obituary

Shirley M. (Olson) Larson, 91, of Holden — Obituary

Linda Anne (Arsenault) Lavalle, 68, of North Oxford — Obituary

Marie Rose (LeBlanc) (Paradis) Leger, 98, of Baldwinville and Gardner — Obituary

Wilfred G. “Freddie” L’Esperance, 74, of Worcester — Obituary

Janphi Ly, 64, of Worcester — Obituary

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Patricia Madaio, 64, of Oxford — Obituary

Lucille (Michaud) Martin, 93, of Gardner — Obituary

Robert Preston Mersereau of Shrewsbury — Obituary

Edwin Paul Daly Meyer, 95, of Worcester — Obituary

David H. Miles, 80, of Webster — Obituary

Shirley A. (Sisco) Miller, 79, of North Brookfield — Obituary

Joan A. Moore, 78, of Fitchburg — Obituary

Paul A. Moreau, 76, of Holden — Obituary

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Armand Noel, 75, of Northbridge — Obituary

Leo A. “Tony” Norton, 60, of Leominster — Obituary

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Christopher James O’Grady, 48, of Orlando, Fla., and Baldwinville — Obituary

Virginia A. (Mankevitch) Omilanowicz, 89, of Worcester — Obituary

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Leonidas H. Panagiotidis, 90, of Pennsylvania and Worcester — Obituary

Tammi M. Pratte, 33, of Ware — Obituary

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Ruth A. (Aubrey) Ramstrom, 77 — Obituary

Jampy Rivera, 23, of Worcester — Obituary

Ana Elba (Valdes) Rodriguez, 75, of Southbridge — Obituary

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Leo R. St. Denis, 76, of Southbridge — Obituary

Elizabeth H. (Brooks) Strom, 58, of Webster — Obituary

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Thomas E. Tamalavitch Sr., 64, of Worcester — Obituary

Colby J. Taylor, 88, of West Brookfield — Obituary

Peter H. Tetreault, 55, of Mendon — Obituary

Muriel (Weinbaum) Tharler, 93, of Boca Raton, Fla., and Leominster — Obituary

Brian F. Tisdale, 61, of Gardner and Leominster — Obituary

Therese Marie Trudeau, 93, of West Boylston — Obituary

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Lois (Freeman) Varjabedian, 91, of Worcester — Obituary

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Marion M. (Crump) Wood, 78, of Dayville, Conn. — Obituary

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Joseph J. Zawielski Jr., 67 — Obituary

Worcester Sun publishes obituaries daily. Listings are published for seven days or until the day after services, whichever comes first.

Click here to see obituary listings from previous days.

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