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Augustine Kanjia – worcester.ma https://worcester.ma The Worcester Sun, local news worth supporting Wed, 22 May 2019 17:31:20 +0000 en-US hourly 1 https://wordpress.org/?v=4.9.1 The incredible story of Augustine Kanjia continues … A Long Journey Home https://worcester.ma/2018/02/the-incredible-story-of-augustine-kanjia-continues-a-long-journey-home/ https://worcester.ma/2018/02/the-incredible-story-of-augustine-kanjia-continues-a-long-journey-home/#comments Wed, 14 Feb 2018 10:38:54 +0000 https://worcester.ma/?p=227141 “I was ready to help the gentleman who was the driver’s assistant. It was a game, and I had to play it wisely. I volunteered to help carry a load for a certain woman. She was old and her luggage was heavy, but that was the way I would escape to victory.”]]> https://worcester.ma/2018/02/the-incredible-story-of-augustine-kanjia-continues-a-long-journey-home/feed/ 1 The incredible story of Augustine Kanjia continues … No End to My Doubt https://worcester.ma/2018/01/the-incredible-story-of-augustine-kanjia-continues-no-end-to-my-doubt/ https://worcester.ma/2018/01/the-incredible-story-of-augustine-kanjia-continues-no-end-to-my-doubt/#respond Sat, 27 Jan 2018 07:38:33 +0000 https://worcester.ma/?p=223157 “The day came, and I boldly asked Duran when I would return home to my grandmother. He did not like the way I spoke to him. I spoke soft but stern for my age. All my rights were seized.”]]> https://worcester.ma/2018/01/the-incredible-story-of-augustine-kanjia-continues-no-end-to-my-doubt/feed/ 0 The incredible story of Augustine Kanjia continues … Dangers in the Wild and at Home https://worcester.ma/2017/12/the-incredible-story-of-augustine-kanjia-continues-dangers-in-the-wild-and-at-home/ https://worcester.ma/2017/12/the-incredible-story-of-augustine-kanjia-continues-dangers-in-the-wild-and-at-home/#respond Sat, 30 Dec 2017 05:35:41 +0000 https://worcester.ma/?p=214200 “I stayed home while the other kids in our big compound went off to school. This was certainly a tough time. My brother would flog me very well if I made any mistake with his combat uniform. I was also responsible for cleaning his military boots. I had to shine them until he could see his face on the shoe toes.”]]> https://worcester.ma/2017/12/the-incredible-story-of-augustine-kanjia-continues-dangers-in-the-wild-and-at-home/feed/ 0 The incredible story of Augustine Kanjia continues … Fighting for Fees and Respect https://worcester.ma/2017/12/the-incredible-story-of-augustine-kanjia-continues-fighting-for-fees-and-respect/ https://worcester.ma/2017/12/the-incredible-story-of-augustine-kanjia-continues-fighting-for-fees-and-respect/#respond Sat, 16 Dec 2017 05:22:41 +0000 https://worcester.ma/?p=208085 “When I entered the principal’s office, he laughed and asked for my receipt. He said that without the receipt, I was committing a crime by coming to school. He told me in a loud voice, ‘If education is expensive, try ignorance. Go quickly and bring your receipt.’ ”]]> https://worcester.ma/2017/12/the-incredible-story-of-augustine-kanjia-continues-fighting-for-fees-and-respect/feed/ 0 The incredible story of Augustine Kanjia continues … ‘Omolé’ Creates a Bigger Problem https://worcester.ma/2017/12/the-incredible-story-of-augustine-kanjia-continues-omole-creates-a-bigger-problem/ https://worcester.ma/2017/12/the-incredible-story-of-augustine-kanjia-continues-omole-creates-a-bigger-problem/#respond Sun, 03 Dec 2017 05:27:15 +0000 https://worcester.ma/?p=202376 “T-Boy had watched the omolé flow in the house. We were constantly selling and brewing. Many came to the house to get their shots. T-Boy had made arrangements to take some bottles out to sell. But we were uncertain of his true motives.”]]> https://worcester.ma/2017/12/the-incredible-story-of-augustine-kanjia-continues-omole-creates-a-bigger-problem/feed/ 0 The incredible story of Augustine Kanjia continues … Tragedy Falls on Our Doorstep https://worcester.ma/2017/11/incredible-story-of-augustine-kanjia-continues-tragedy-falls-on-our-doorstep/ https://worcester.ma/2017/11/incredible-story-of-augustine-kanjia-continues-tragedy-falls-on-our-doorstep/#respond Sun, 19 Nov 2017 05:14:55 +0000 https://worcester.ma/?p=197050 “My grandmother was afraid, because the police would come to investigate why a woman died in front of our house. I was busy playing soccer that day, but seeing everyone running toward our house, I knew I should be there. It was an unpleasant scene. My uncles had to lift the woman up and my grandmother cleaned the place. And I stood there crying aloud.”]]> https://worcester.ma/2017/11/incredible-story-of-augustine-kanjia-continues-tragedy-falls-on-our-doorstep/feed/ 0 The incredible journey of Augustine Kanjia continues … Lessons Abound as School and Home Collide https://worcester.ma/2017/10/the-incredible-journey-of-augustine-kanjia-continues-lessons-abound-as-school-and-home-collide/ https://worcester.ma/2017/10/the-incredible-journey-of-augustine-kanjia-continues-lessons-abound-as-school-and-home-collide/#respond Sun, 22 Oct 2017 05:43:24 +0000 https://worcester.ma/?p=186110 “I was getting thinner every day. I was also very resilient. Back with my grandmother and uncles in Motema, our only source of income was the illicitly brewed local moonshine, ‘omole,’ which was a hot commodity, sought either by those who drank it or the police who thought it was a drug and should not be consumed.”]]> https://worcester.ma/2017/10/the-incredible-journey-of-augustine-kanjia-continues-lessons-abound-as-school-and-home-collide/feed/ 0 The incredible journey of Augustine Kanjia continues … My School of Hard Knocks https://worcester.ma/2017/09/the-incredible-journey-of-augustine-kanjia-continues-my-school-of-hard-knocks/ https://worcester.ma/2017/09/the-incredible-journey-of-augustine-kanjia-continues-my-school-of-hard-knocks/#respond Sun, 24 Sep 2017 05:12:40 +0000 https://worcester.ma/?p=174749 “That morning I left with the intention that I would stay in school all day. I was wrong. I did not have the school uniform, neither did I have the admission. I returned to Motema in tears. A lot worked on my mind. It was all geared toward my return to school. It was hard for me. My grandmother was waiting for good news.”]]> https://worcester.ma/2017/09/the-incredible-journey-of-augustine-kanjia-continues-my-school-of-hard-knocks/feed/ 0 The incredible journey of Augustine Kanjia continues … Will My School Dreams Become a Nightmare? https://worcester.ma/2017/09/incredible-journey-of-augustine-kanjia-continues-will-my-school-dreams-become-a-nightmare/ https://worcester.ma/2017/09/incredible-journey-of-augustine-kanjia-continues-will-my-school-dreams-become-a-nightmare/#respond Sun, 10 Sep 2017 03:37:09 +0000 https://worcester.ma/?p=169040 “I decided to walk to freedom one day, just five days after my interview at the Wesley Secondary School. I went to the military barracks junction looking for any military personnel going to Freetown -- Bo, where my mother lived and my potential new school was located, was on the way. A truck was going by at 11 a.m.”]]> https://worcester.ma/2017/09/incredible-journey-of-augustine-kanjia-continues-will-my-school-dreams-become-a-nightmare/feed/ 0 The incredible journey of Augustine Kanjia continues … Beyond My Limit https://worcester.ma/2017/08/the-incredible-journey-of-augustine-kanjia-continues-beyond-my-limit/ https://worcester.ma/2017/08/the-incredible-journey-of-augustine-kanjia-continues-beyond-my-limit/#respond Sun, 27 Aug 2017 05:04:52 +0000 https://worcester.ma/?p=163612 Many unanswered questions came to mind. I hoped it was a boarding school because I could not travel from Daru to Segbwema every day, and I knew no one who lived in that town. Suffering was hanging over my head. I cried alone when I had no answers for these questions. I cried aloud at one point, prompting everyone in sight to look at me.]]> https://worcester.ma/2017/08/the-incredible-journey-of-augustine-kanjia-continues-beyond-my-limit/feed/ 0 Augustine Kanjia’s incredible journey continues … A Good Result That Left Me in Tears https://worcester.ma/2017/08/augustine-kanjias-incredible-journey-continues-a-good-result-that-left-me-in-tears/ https://worcester.ma/2017/08/augustine-kanjias-incredible-journey-continues-a-good-result-that-left-me-in-tears/#respond Sun, 13 Aug 2017 04:18:23 +0000 https://worcester.ma/?p=156119 The teachers had to punish me for telling the headmaster what I should have kept secret. I was given 24 lashes with a stick. While in pain, my result was released. It cured me, but I was still in tears as I heard teachers talk about my good result but lack of money to even go for the intake interview. The days went by fast and I still had no money. Omolé, our illicitly distilled liquor, was helpful.]]> https://worcester.ma/2017/08/augustine-kanjias-incredible-journey-continues-a-good-result-that-left-me-in-tears/feed/ 0 Worcester World Cup is where city’s melting pot truly bubbles over https://worcester.ma/2017/08/worcester-world-cup-is-where-citys-melting-pot-truly-bubbles-over/ https://worcester.ma/2017/08/worcester-world-cup-is-where-citys-melting-pot-truly-bubbles-over/#comments Wed, 09 Aug 2017 04:18:06 +0000 https://worcester.ma/?p=155300 “The Worcester World Cup, as the name suggests, was created specially to bring people together. We wanted everyone to come together,” Iraqi immigrant and youth volunteer Adam Maarij said.]]> https://worcester.ma/2017/08/worcester-world-cup-is-where-citys-melting-pot-truly-bubbles-over/feed/ 1 Augustine Kanjia’s incredible journey continues … Exam Day Distress Becomes Lesson in Perseverance https://worcester.ma/2017/07/augustine-kanjias-incredible-journey-continues-exam-day-distress-becomes-lesson-in-perseverance/ https://worcester.ma/2017/07/augustine-kanjias-incredible-journey-continues-exam-day-distress-becomes-lesson-in-perseverance/#respond Sun, 30 Jul 2017 04:17:24 +0000 https://worcester.ma/?p=151436 "We looked for shade to sit and wait for the others as we cooled down. Some children were wandering around, but it was a holiday for them because of the exams for us younger students. They bumped into us. I became their target since I was tiny and going to high school. One of them came and accused me of taking their ball, which was going to be the center of the problem."]]> https://worcester.ma/2017/07/augustine-kanjias-incredible-journey-continues-exam-day-distress-becomes-lesson-in-perseverance/feed/ 0 Augustine Kanjia’s incredible journey continues … Part 43: More Hopes, Less Success https://worcester.ma/2017/07/augustine-kanjias-incredible-journey-continues-part-43-more-hopes-less-success/ https://worcester.ma/2017/07/augustine-kanjias-incredible-journey-continues-part-43-more-hopes-less-success/#respond Sun, 16 Jul 2017 04:14:04 +0000 https://worcester.ma/?p=145861 “I had little time to waste for Grannie’s call. She told me in Mende that she had the medicine to make me clever. She showed me the bottle and promised that I would be the best because it is from Bethlehem. I became more excited. She gave me some when we arrived home.”]]> https://worcester.ma/2017/07/augustine-kanjias-incredible-journey-continues-part-43-more-hopes-less-success/feed/ 0 Augustine Kanjia’s incredible journey continues … Part 42: One Problem Opens the Door … For More Problems https://worcester.ma/2017/07/augustine-kanjias-incredible-journey-continues-part-42-one-problem-opens-the-door-for-more-problems/ https://worcester.ma/2017/07/augustine-kanjias-incredible-journey-continues-part-42-one-problem-opens-the-door-for-more-problems/#respond Sun, 02 Jul 2017 04:46:49 +0000 https://worcester.ma/?p=140094 This was a death trap. It was a bare ferry. It had no engine, it was manpower and cables attached to each shore that pulled it. I think that was the last of its type in the country. The water was dark and fearful, but its speed was terrific in the center. We crossed and had nearly made it to the other side. I then created a panic that remained in my grandmother’s mind for the rest of her days.]]> https://worcester.ma/2017/07/augustine-kanjias-incredible-journey-continues-part-42-one-problem-opens-the-door-for-more-problems/feed/ 0 The unbelievably true story of Augustine Kanjia continues … Part 41: Major Problems Won’t Dissuade Me https://worcester.ma/2017/06/unbelievably-true-story-of-augustine-kanjia-continues-part-41-major-problems-wont-dissuade-me/ https://worcester.ma/2017/06/unbelievably-true-story-of-augustine-kanjia-continues-part-41-major-problems-wont-dissuade-me/#respond Sun, 18 Jun 2017 04:19:07 +0000 https://worcester.ma/?p=132963 I was on one of four soccer teams owned by one Mr. John. Whatever we did at school, my heart focused on what I would be doing after school. It was the most exciting thing above all. Well, our league had started just three days earlier.]]> https://worcester.ma/2017/06/unbelievably-true-story-of-augustine-kanjia-continues-part-41-major-problems-wont-dissuade-me/feed/ 0 The unbelievably true story of Augustine Kanjia continues … Part 40: Poverty and Punishment Strike Hard as Mother Returns https://worcester.ma/2017/06/unbelievably-true-story-of-augustine-kanjia-continues-part-40-poverty-and-punishment-strike-hard-as-mother-returns/ https://worcester.ma/2017/06/unbelievably-true-story-of-augustine-kanjia-continues-part-40-poverty-and-punishment-strike-hard-as-mother-returns/#respond Sun, 04 Jun 2017 04:22:41 +0000 https://worcester.ma/?p=126728 “My eyes were red and full of tears. My classmates could not stop laughing, and Mr. Bangura enjoyed his job and continued punishing me hard.” With Augustine struggling at school and Grannie scrambling to make ends meet, Hannah comes back into the picture, but can she help?]]> https://worcester.ma/2017/06/unbelievably-true-story-of-augustine-kanjia-continues-part-40-poverty-and-punishment-strike-hard-as-mother-returns/feed/ 0 The unbelievably true story of Augustine Kanjia continues … Part 39: Skipping School and Fooling the Police https://worcester.ma/2017/05/unbelievably-true-story-of-augustine-kanjia-continues-part-39-skipping-school-and-fooling-the-police/ https://worcester.ma/2017/05/unbelievably-true-story-of-augustine-kanjia-continues-part-39-skipping-school-and-fooling-the-police/#respond Sun, 21 May 2017 04:31:11 +0000 https://worcester.ma/?p=120780 "We arrived in our village about 9:30 or 10 p.m. Many were in their homes resting. You could see children running around as the moon shone above. I was lazy, my uncles thought, so I was left behind. The strong ones carried heavy containers full of liquor. Some time later, there was a police whistle blown. It was against us."]]> https://worcester.ma/2017/05/unbelievably-true-story-of-augustine-kanjia-continues-part-39-skipping-school-and-fooling-the-police/feed/ 0 The unbelievably true story of Augustine Kanjia continues … Part 38: Illicit April Brewing Rains on My Parade https://worcester.ma/2017/05/unbelievably-true-story-of-augustine-kanjia-continues-part-38-illicit-april-brewing-rains-on-my-parade/ https://worcester.ma/2017/05/unbelievably-true-story-of-augustine-kanjia-continues-part-38-illicit-april-brewing-rains-on-my-parade/#respond Sun, 07 May 2017 04:23:56 +0000 https://worcester.ma/?p=115433 “I was now in the fifth grade; it was then I started reading and writing a fair amount of English. My grandmother was proud of me. I loved being with her, but not in the bush for distilling the alcohol. The bush was not safe, I thought. I would sometimes voice my opinion, but I was called a coward and lazy boy.”]]> https://worcester.ma/2017/05/unbelievably-true-story-of-augustine-kanjia-continues-part-38-illicit-april-brewing-rains-on-my-parade/feed/ 0 The unbelievably true story of Augustine Kanjia continues … Part 37: Grandmother’s New Business Opens Old Wounds https://worcester.ma/2017/04/unbelievably-true-story-of-augustine-kanjia-continues-part-37-grandmothers-new-business-opens-old-wounds/ https://worcester.ma/2017/04/unbelievably-true-story-of-augustine-kanjia-continues-part-37-grandmothers-new-business-opens-old-wounds/#respond Sun, 23 Apr 2017 04:23:46 +0000 https://worcester.ma/?p=109054 “The first consignment of hard liquor was brewed. People started coming to the house to buy in bulk or by tot. I oversaw the money, because I was an honest boy. I kept to it and did not want to deviate. But boys had to be boys, always.”]]> https://worcester.ma/2017/04/unbelievably-true-story-of-augustine-kanjia-continues-part-37-grandmothers-new-business-opens-old-wounds/feed/ 0 The unbelievably true story of Augustine Kanjia continues … Part 36: Signs of My Struggle Begin https://worcester.ma/2017/04/unbelievably-true-story-of-augustine-kanjia-continues-part-36-signs-of-my-struggle-begin/ https://worcester.ma/2017/04/unbelievably-true-story-of-augustine-kanjia-continues-part-36-signs-of-my-struggle-begin/#respond Sun, 09 Apr 2017 04:50:35 +0000 https://worcester.ma/?p=104043 “I was able to eat the daily meal — corn meal and bulgur — which was only given to students who paid their school fees. That was good luck on our part.” As his grandmother fights to make ends meet, good luck is certainly not in abundance for Augustine.]]> https://worcester.ma/2017/04/unbelievably-true-story-of-augustine-kanjia-continues-part-36-signs-of-my-struggle-begin/feed/ 0 The unbelievably true story of Augustine Kanjia continues … Part 35: My Family Disintegrates After Pa Dies https://worcester.ma/2017/03/unbelievably-true-story-of-augustine-kanjia-continues-part-35-my-family-disintegrates-after-pa-dies/ https://worcester.ma/2017/03/unbelievably-true-story-of-augustine-kanjia-continues-part-35-my-family-disintegrates-after-pa-dies/#respond Sun, 26 Mar 2017 04:19:04 +0000 https://worcester.ma/?p=96246 “It was in 1963, a couple months before I was born. My dad died in the hospital. His first son, Richard, was quick to decide to return home and take over our dad’s riches, but he soon started wasting money and sold the diamonds dad left.” The challenges mount for Augustine, even before his mother brings him into the world.]]> https://worcester.ma/2017/03/unbelievably-true-story-of-augustine-kanjia-continues-part-35-my-family-disintegrates-after-pa-dies/feed/ 0 Retirement looming, QCC’s Carberry reflects on life, legacy and community https://worcester.ma/2017/03/free-to-read-retirement-looming-qccs-carberry-reflects-on-life-legacy-and-community/ https://worcester.ma/2017/03/free-to-read-retirement-looming-qccs-carberry-reflects-on-life-legacy-and-community/#respond Wed, 15 Mar 2017 05:34:55 +0000 https://worcester.ma/?p=90905 "Ten years ago when I came to QCC, a lot was missing." And now about the only thing missing is a clear picture of what’s next for one of the city’s most impactful education leaders. Augustine Kanjia sits down for an enlightening discussion with the outgoing president.]]> https://worcester.ma/2017/03/free-to-read-retirement-looming-qccs-carberry-reflects-on-life-legacy-and-community/feed/ 0 The unbelievably true story of Augustine Kanjia continues … Part 34: Back to How It All Started https://worcester.ma/2017/03/unbelievably-true-story-of-augustine-kanjia-continues-part-34-back-to-how-it-all-started/ https://worcester.ma/2017/03/unbelievably-true-story-of-augustine-kanjia-continues-part-34-back-to-how-it-all-started/#respond Sun, 12 Mar 2017 05:53:48 +0000 https://worcester.ma/?p=90523 With his dear grandmother’s help, Augustine retraces his steps back to a remote village in Sierra Leone and then to Motema, his birthplace.]]> https://worcester.ma/2017/03/unbelievably-true-story-of-augustine-kanjia-continues-part-34-back-to-how-it-all-started/feed/ 0 The unbelievably true story of Augustine Kanjia continues … Part 33: When Things Fall Apart https://worcester.ma/2017/02/unbelievably-true-story-of-augustine-kanjia-continues-part-33-when-things-fall-apart/ https://worcester.ma/2017/02/unbelievably-true-story-of-augustine-kanjia-continues-part-33-when-things-fall-apart/#respond Wed, 22 Feb 2017 05:18:52 +0000 https://worcester.ma/?p=84278 “Alice became recalcitrant ... she changed and we grew apart, as she saw me as a stumbling block to her dubious behaviors.” The difficulties mount for Augustine and family as some of Worcester’s shine wears off.]]> https://worcester.ma/2017/02/unbelievably-true-story-of-augustine-kanjia-continues-part-33-when-things-fall-apart/feed/ 0