Sinacism: Seeing the light in December’s dark days

Because we denizens of the Northern Hemisphere are heading into the longest and darkest days of the year, and since we punctuate so many of those days with candles, strings of colored bulbs, bonfires and fireworks, I’ve been thinking a good deal lately about light and dark.

Sina-cism: Yes, Thanksgiving is a religious holiday

“Along with the critical role capitalism has played in the development and prosperity of our nation, there is religion. Those who would deny the religious nature of Thanksgiving must grapple with formidable opponents named George Washington and Abraham Lincoln.” And, of course, the Sun’s right-wing rabble-rouser, Chris Sinacola.

Sina-cism: Voter turnout more than a numbers game

“Turnout for its own sake does not guarantee a more robust democracy, but it does run the risk of mob rule. A long and steady investment in civics education, on the other hand, would serve all residents of Worcester and our nation well.”

Sina-cism: Yet s’mores liberal hypocrisy on display

Ben Cohen of Ben & Jerry’s ice cream fame came to Worcester on Nov. 4 to sweeten the effort by “People Govern, Not Money” to gather signatures to put a question on the 2018 state election ballot that seeks to overturn the 2010 Supreme Court ruling in Citizens United v. FEC. I’ll never eat his ice cream again.

Sina-cism: Let’s reclaim the liberal arts from today’s liberals

“If Clark were truly a liberal campus, someone would have asked speaker Jacqueline Patterson to explain ‘deep democracy.’ They might have pointed out that the ‘extraction/consumption’ economy we call capitalism has enabled hundreds of millions of humans to escape poverty, while radical alternatives such as socialism and communism have sent hundreds of millions to their deaths.”

Sina-cism: Worcester — the mayhem on main streets

“As if the walkers and drivers weren’t creating enough problems, the city has in recent months seen the rise of swerving, featuring packs of Epsilon-Minus Semi-Morons — also known as youths (some as young as eight) who amuse themselves by traveling in packs on major thoroughfares, weaving among cars, snarling traffic and fraying nerves.”

Sina-cism: For those taking a knee, it’s 4th down

“Our stand-up-for-Old-Glory billionaire president, who in his spare time runs the country, was both impetuous and intemperate in his recent spats with the kneel-during-the-anthem millionaires who in their spare time play football. But Trump was also mostly right.”