‘Legendary Lucas’ spurs great strides toward CF cure

“I think a lot of people have heard of CF. And a lot of people might know someone with it. I don’t think everyone understands what CF is and how devastating it can be,” said Lucas Carroll’s mother, Victoria. “Just getting people to understand it and raising money helps research, and the research is going to save his life.”

On the road to big things, with singer Dezi Garcia

There’s no disagreement about Dezi Garcia’s talent. And the young singer-songwriter from Worcester has put in the time, working local gigs and making two albums. But getting real notice in his competitive industry takes more than talent and time, although it’s hard to say exactly what. For starters, he aims to put together a summer tour.

Survival training: One woman’s story of perseverance

A terrible car accident in 2010 was life-altering for a Leicester woman who refused to allow her fate to keep her from pursuing something better. Rehabilitation led to an epiphany, which led to a career change — and that turned out to be Jen Burtt’s saving grace. She lost her friend that harrowing night, but through it all she finally found herself.

Contractor license suspended, Jay Pelletz still leaving customers in lurch

As the principal of Mutual Builders — the Worcester-based company his father, Mel Pelletz, started in 1975 — Jay Pelletz accumulated a string of jilted customers who have waited months and years for returned deposits and work to be finished. Many still wait — including a gaggle of Southbridge neighbors fed up with Pelletz’s (and the town’s) inaction and now considering legal action.

Long-sought schooling change delivers results for Gino

After years of frustrating delays and grappling with Worcester Public Schools, a deaf Worcester teen is at last in a special-education setting that has him thriving. The Sun checks in with Gino Berthiaume, his mother, educators and others who have seen the transformation that can come from an Individualized Education Program in action.

When it’s parents vs. coaches, kids can’t win

Many parents, local coaches say, still manage to keep things in perspective. But the evolution of these important relationships continues. ‘I’ve had it pretty good. I haven’t had lunacy like that,’ Leicester football coach Tim Griffiths said. ‘It’s a lot tougher out there for new coaches’.”