Touches of Spag’s at Whole Foods a classy move

A little Spag’s revival is in store at the new Whole Foods on Route 9 in Shrewsbury, at least in the decor. If the management can recreate some of the culture that took root in that spot, too, that would be a 10-gallon-hat type of tribute.

Three-year City Council terms merit consideration

A new year is a good time to take a fresh look at old ways of doing things. A proposal to lengthen the term in office for future councilors from two years to three makes sense, so far. With further answers and exploration, in a few years Worcester could have a new election calendar.

A cleaner city is at your fingertips

A little extra care loading the recycling bin would help a lot in keeping litter where it belongs, especially on windy days. And when trash does get loose, please pick it up — even if it’s not “yours” — because those eyesores are everybody’s.

Editorial: A short life to learn from

Jayden Morley was badly abused as a 2-year-old. But then his luck turned — and lasted as long as his broken body could. His story points out how ordinary things like love, family, acceptance can make all the difference.

Editorial: New Year for the Worcester renaissance

Worcester has come far the last 25 years, preparing itself for the future. While developers continue those big-ticket improvements, let’s add feet to the equation. We urge folks to get out and enjoy this city more. People going out and about inspire the street-level, human-scale practicalities that help a place come alive.

Editorial: Connor’s conversation

In penning the poignant obituary of their 15-year-old son, Jason and Teresa Tronerud dispensed with the usual “passed unexpectedly” or “died after a short illness” qualifiers. Instead, they offered us the necessary gifts of courage, candor and a call to action.

Editorial: Deepening into the season

Christmas and Hanukkah are beautifully timed. Just as biting cold arrives and the amount of daylight shrinks to the annual low point, candlelight, feasts, laughter and tradition beckon us in.

Editorial: For you. About you.

“Why?” It’s the question we hear more than any other. Why, in an age when an unlimited amount of news is available at your digital fingertips, would Worcester Sun begin publishing a print edition? We’ll tell you.

Editorial: Sexual abuse out of the shadows

Recent news stories — heartbreaking, angering and shocking — have shown us just how ugly, hidden and consequential sexual misconduct can be. The headlines will fade, but we hope the point has been soundly made that such behavior has never been acceptable, and is becoming less so.