On Beacon Hill: All eyes on Washington

When everything else seems to be in limbo, sometimes there’s no easier reprieve for lawmakers from the malaise on Beacon Hill than to open up the newspaper and find something worth a reaction. Go where the action is. Plus, Markey, Baker, Warren, Healey and the Tarentino family.

On Beacon Hill: Bowling for dollars

For the second straight week, House leaders put dozens of votes on the floor to override $9 million more in spending vetoes, bringing the amount of money Democrats are looking to pour back into the $39.4 billion state budget to $284 million. Then it was the Senate’s turn. Plus, McGovern, Baker, Chandler, Moore and Puerto Rico.

Mariano: Petty vs. Gaffney, Round 2

In many municipal elections, candidates have to work hard to show the distinctions between them. Often the differences are a matter of degree – candidates agree more or less on what needs to be done. Not in this one.

On Beacon Hill: Vienna sausage making, the State House way

A budget document unveiled when President Trump’s approval rating exceeded his disapproval rating sauntered through its eighth month, still not truly final, as the House replaced $275 million of the $360 million in vetoes Gov. Baker made in July. The next step in the saga must be taken by the Senate — whenever it decides to reconvene formal sessions, that is. Plus McGovern, Warren, Polito and Worcester Airport.

Access Denied: Mounting opposition, pricetag bury pipeline plans

Supporters of renewable energy legislation and the overall move toward green energy believe natural gas pipeline proposals — like the one that could have cut through several towns around Worcester — should all be abandoned since they would become obsolete in just a few decades. While Spectra/Enbridge had been keeping plans close to the vest, the company recently announced its next move.