Sina-cism: Adieu, Paris accord, you meant so little

“The first sign that this agreement isn’t worth bothering about is the fact that 195 of the world’s 197 sovereign nations agreed to it. If the leaders of North Korea can set aside their paranoia long enough to ink the document, what value can it possibly have?”

Editorial: Oui, the people

The reaction to President Trump’s intention to withdraw from the Paris Climate Accord has galvanized opposition across party lines and across multiple layers of government. Have his actions accidentally created bipartisan support for a new era of government?

On Beacon Hill: What does it all mean?

Words can inspire, they can sting and they can leave one scratching their head. The words spoken last week — and still to be uttered — from Boston to Washington, D.C., did that and more. Plus, McGovern, Chandler, Aaron Hernandez and cybersecurity.

On Beacon Hill: Chasing unicorns from Boston to D.C.

While cable news flickered in the background, Beacon Hill’s top three elected leaders got to commiserating in House Speaker Robert DeLeo’s office over the state of the state’s financial affairs. There were more questions than answers. Plus, Baker’s capital idea, McGovern, Healey, Trump and Comey. And the House’s pregnant pause.

To the editor: Pipelines under pressure in Massachusetts

“Today’s ‘natural’ gas is loaded with carcinogens injected during the fracking process. Should Spectra construct an extremely high-pressure pipeline which might leak or explode, Grafton assumes enormous risk while Texas-based Spectra benefits.”

On Beacon Hill: No breaks for Baker when it comes to making the grade

Despite solid marks for energy efficiency and electric vehicle promotion, environmental activists have been unimpressed. So he got one C grade. But surely, the governor’s performance would be looked at more kindly by the woman with whom he shares a home? Apparently not. Plus, Aaron Hernandez, Scott Brown, Jim McGovern, Karyn Polito and more.