Editorial: Powering up help to Puerto Rico

Editorial: Powering up help to Puerto Rico | Unfortunately, it’s not too late to offer generosity to a storm-ravaged Caribbean island that is in some ways a neighbor to Worcester. The city is lending six police officers to Puerto Rico, and citizens can help, too. Cash donations could mean a lot to a place that was already struggling financially, and now must rebuild.

On Beacon Hill: Bowling for dollars

For the second straight week, House leaders put dozens of votes on the floor to override $9 million more in spending vetoes, bringing the amount of money Democrats are looking to pour back into the $39.4 billion state budget to $284 million. Then it was the Senate’s turn. Plus, McGovern, Baker, Chandler, Moore and Puerto Rico.

Mariano: Petty vs. Gaffney, Round 2

In many municipal elections, candidates have to work hard to show the distinctions between them. Often the differences are a matter of degree – candidates agree more or less on what needs to be done. Not in this one.