Editorial: Oohs and aahs for ofo

There’s something new and noticeable on the streets of Worcester: bright-yellow bikes from a sharp young company in China. Adding to the fun, Worcester’s only the second U.S. city to get the ofo bike-sharing system — further proof we’re on a roll.

On Beacon Hill: Vienna sausage making, the State House way

A budget document unveiled when President Trump’s approval rating exceeded his disapproval rating sauntered through its eighth month, still not truly final, as the House replaced $275 million of the $360 million in vetoes Gov. Baker made in July. The next step in the saga must be taken by the Senate — whenever it decides to reconvene formal sessions, that is. Plus McGovern, Warren, Polito and Worcester Airport.

On Beacon Hill: Mr. Baker goes to Washington

“I think it would be a bad idea,” Massachusetts Gov. Charlie Baker told U.S. Sen. Elizabeth Warren about President Trump’s threat to cut key health funding, responding to a softball lobbed across the plate by the state’s senior senator in what sounded like a coordinated back-and-forth designed to bloody the president. Baker sat in the middle of five governors as the de facto leader of the pack. Also, McGovern, Chandler, Markey and Grabauskas.

Editorial: Caring community hits back at Hurricane Harvey

From severe storm damage to cautions about charity scams, a hurricane hundreds of miles away has dominated headlines for days. But it’s hard to know how best to help out. The city and two service agencies have teamed up for an answer: a disaster-relief fundraiser this Friday afternoon and evening on the Worcester Common.

Destructive climate erupts at Clark meat-eater protest

As temperatures across the country topped 105 degrees for the 13th straight day, protesters nationwide have embarked on campaigns to eradicate monuments and memorials to anyone who had contributed to the current climate change by consuming meat.