A Mother’s Journey: The gentrification exasperation

“If Worcester can stop trying to be like everyone else for one second, it can make a difference in the lives of many small-business owners and residents. It can prevent the negative effects of gentrification and it can make Worcester the next vibrant destination for potential residents, developers and startups.”

The incredible journey of Augustine Kanjia continues … Beyond My Limit

Many unanswered questions came to mind. I hoped it was a boarding school because I could not travel from Daru to Segbwema every day, and I knew no one who lived in that town. Suffering was hanging over my head. I cried alone when I had no answers for these questions. I cried aloud at one point, prompting everyone in sight to look at me.

Augustine Kanjia’s incredible journey continues … A Good Result That Left Me in Tears

The teachers had to punish me for telling the headmaster what I should have kept secret. I was given 24 lashes with a stick. While in pain, my result was released. It cured me, but I was still in tears as I heard teachers talk about my good result but lack of money to even go for the intake interview. The days went by fast and I still had no money. Omolé, our illicitly distilled liquor, was helpful.