A Mother’s Journey [Part 42]: The accidental perspective

Life is precious – no doubt about it – but there is nothing that validates your existence more than a near-death experience. To see the fragility of life firsthand is more than an eye-opener. At times, it is a life-awakener. Find out what happened to prompt Giselle’s reflection on what’s really important in life.

A Mother’s Journey [Part 39]: The parent trap

“Between ice skating at the Worcester Common Oval, exploring the nature trails at Broad Meadow Brook sanctuary, strolling through Boston Common and hanging out at the Boston Museum of Fine Arts, this week was all about discovery.” Find out how Giselle Rivera-Flores got more out of February vacation than she bargained for.

A Mother’s Journey [Part 38]: The time trials

“I always think I can do more in the next 24 hours than I did in the last 24, and while that optimism can be considered a strength at times, not accepting the limits of time can hinder my progress. The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree with Brooklyn.”

The unbelievably true story of Augustine Kanjia continues … Part 32: To Be a Man is Not Easy

“They were saying … they had never seen an unserious man like me. They felt I should leave school, stop going up and down financially. The secret was, these guys had lived longer in Worcester but had not been able to buy a car like mine and had not gone to school either.” With friends like these … Augustine’s challenges mount well beyond school, work and family.