Sina-cism: Adam Smith’s cure for Trump Derangement Syndrome

“Now, the wine is drained, the sweet cheats gone. The sound of the angry commuting horn is once again heard in the land. What will 2018 bring? To hear many tell the tale, 2018 will be a race: Will the forces of good impeach an insane Donald Trump before he can ignite a global nuclear cataclysm? I very much doubt that we will, a year hence, be remembering 2018 in such terms.”

An archaeological dig in Israel provides clues to how feasting became an important ritual

Communally shared meals have long been vital components of human rituals. My colleague Leore Grosman and I discovered the earliest evidence of a ritual feast at a 12,000-year-old archaeological site in northern Israel and learned how feasts came to be integral components of modern-day ritual practice.

Sina-cism: A new city rises to our east

“The debate over Framingham’s future evoked strong feelings and heated arguments. Traditionalists, including some of my in-laws, saw the city movement as a mix of power grab and spending opportunity, and worried about the loss of a hard-to-define small-town feel.”

Editorial: Connor’s conversation

In penning the poignant obituary of their 15-year-old son, Jason and Teresa Tronerud dispensed with the usual “passed unexpectedly” or “died after a short illness” qualifiers. Instead, they offered us the necessary gifts of courage, candor and a call to action.

Love for Jesus can bring Christians, Muslims together

It is well known, particularly in the holiday season, that Christians follow the teachings of Jesus. What is less well understood is that Muslims also love and revere Jesus as one of God’s greatest messengers to mankind.