Vanita Gupta: Bipartisan congressional action required to prevent Census 2020 disaster

“The Census Bureau needs a steady and significant ramp-up in funding to test new technologies and procedures and to create an effective outreach and advertising campaign. However, the Trump administration’s budget request for next year is woefully inadequate. Necessary testing has already been cut back due to lack of sufficient funds.” The former Obama Administration official details what’s at stake.

Editorial: Tax breaks for homeowners

Property tax breaks have generally been reserved for corporations. While they have been effective, their use begs the question, “What about residential property?” The City Council last night adopted a limited-use tax break for homeowners. We look at why the city would benefit from working with the state to offer a wide range of tax-break options to those who invest in their property.

Mariano: Petty vs. Gaffney, Round 2

In many municipal elections, candidates have to work hard to show the distinctions between them. Often the differences are a matter of degree – candidates agree more or less on what needs to be done. Not in this one.

Mayor Petty answers Ray Mariano’s questions

Twenty-two questions, 22 unedited answers. Find out what the current mayor told the former mayor about the safety of Worcester, the dual tax rate, #WooSox, and the greatest weaknesses of Augustus and Binienda.

A Mother’s Journey: The gentrification exasperation

“If Worcester can stop trying to be like everyone else for one second, it can make a difference in the lives of many small-business owners and residents. It can prevent the negative effects of gentrification and it can make Worcester the next vibrant destination for potential residents, developers and startups.”

Editorial: Caring community hits back at Hurricane Harvey

From severe storm damage to cautions about charity scams, a hurricane hundreds of miles away has dominated headlines for days. But it’s hard to know how best to help out. The city and two service agencies have teamed up for an answer: a disaster-relief fundraiser this Friday afternoon and evening on the Worcester Common.

Veterans Inc.

Editorial: On Grove Street, an enduring and worthy cause

Veterans Inc. is a successful, homegrown organization that will soon put out a call to the community for help. A capital campaign is coming for an overdue upgrade of its headquarters. This is a chance for Worcester-area residents to say thank you to ex-military men and women we don’t always remember: the ones who have temporarily lost their way.