Sina-cism: Some lamentable signs of our times

“My fellow Americans, where to begin? The claims about race, women’s rights, science, and human sexuality are anodyne until you start asking questions, at which point it quickly becomes clear that the sign owners are claiming a moral high ground that is not nearly as broad as it might appear.”

Mariano: Petty vs. Gaffney, Round 2

In many municipal elections, candidates have to work hard to show the distinctions between them. Often the differences are a matter of degree – candidates agree more or less on what needs to be done. Not in this one.

Mayor Petty answers Ray Mariano’s questions

Twenty-two questions, 22 unedited answers. Find out what the current mayor told the former mayor about the safety of Worcester, the dual tax rate, #WooSox, and the greatest weaknesses of Augustus and Binienda.