On Beacon Hill: Someone has to be the thimble

The Democratic leadership decided reform can wait, but the revenues cannot. And so both branches voted overwhelmingly, and for the second time, to send Baker new employer assessments, deemed taxes by many critics, to pay for MassHealth without the administration and business community’s desired cost-saving measures. A monopoly on drama at the State House? Plus, Warren, Healey, Markey, Frates and LGBTQ budget vetoes.

On Beacon Hill: Snow and ICE as Baker springs into D.C. spotlight

A Brockton state representative caused an uproar — and a spike in the sanctuary city debate — when she called out a raid targeting undocumented immigrants. Meanwhile, after years of resisting, the governor ascends to the national stage on the Trump opioid task force. Plus, lazy legislators, McGovern, Healey and, of course, robots.

Birthday cake

Requiem for Dissent: McGovern-ing in the era of Trump

Jim McGovern, one of the most unabashed liberals in Congress, has been ubiquitous in active resistance in the weeks since Donald Trump was elected president. “There’s so much happening that I think it requires more responses and more action,” he said in a wide-ranging exclusive interview with Worcester Sun.

Sun Spots with Hitch [Vol. 141]: A little direction for Charlie Baker

Everyone knows being a Republican in Massachusetts is a lonely assignment.

Heck, unless you’re running against Martha Coakley or live on the North Shore it’s near impossible to even get elected, but hizzoner, the guv’nah — with his steady hand and bipartisan approach — appears well-positioned for an extended run.

Where he stands on key issues, though, often confounds his party mates. Hitch, for one, knows a shortcut to the real truth.

Sun Spots with Hitch [Vol. 137]: Elizabeth Warren’s Songs in the Key of Strife

The senator from Massachusetts certainly has had no trouble getting airplay.

Her ubiquitous Trump serenades (or retorts and attacks — whatever) date back to early in the presidential campaign and have become rallying cries for many on the left. Award-worthy even.

Of course, Warren’s approach doesn’t quite strike the same chord with conservatives scurrying to manage the daily Donald fallout. Hitch presses play and gets lost in the chorus.

Sun Spots with Hitch [Vol. 132]: For women, walking the walk into history

OK, so it was a march. A lot of marches. And millions of women. But who’s counting big crowds these days?!

Regardless of how many women and supporters showed up for the Women’s March in Washington, D.C., and worldwide from Boston to Bogota, Nairobi to Norfolk, this was an historic moment and movement, one with potentially very bigly implications.

Hitch brings it all home for Worcester.