Teaching art: An artist’s ritual

Artist Lizzie Fortin’s pieces evoke an intense sense of curiosity, with the desire to keep investigating closer to see if one can draw conclusions from the energetic and fractured contexts. Her artwork is featured in the three-person exhibit “Collage Variations” now on display at the Hadley Building. The Sun is proud to introduce Laura Marotta as its newest contributor. Check back for more from Laura on art, education, business and the things that matter most to the people of Worcester.

Billy Breault

Mariano: The man nobody wants but every neighborhood needs

“He is loud and brash. His hair is long and unruly, and he wears a giant mustache that looks like a battering ram. … When he gets angry, and that is often, he looks like someone you want to avoid. Detractors call him a loudmouth, a bully and much worse.” In the first of a new series, Ray Mariano profiles Billy Breault, the Marshal of Main South.

Worcester Sun announces Worcester Games

Worcester Sun is proud to announce Worcester Games, which is devoted to video gamers and video games in New England’s second largest city. Worcester Games features games developed by and for Worcester Sun. In addition, Worcester Sun coverage of local video game developers and studios as well as links to games produced in Worcester will be in Worcester Games. Enough already. I want to play

Worcester Games for local businesses: Fun, affordable, effective

Other games developed in Worcester

Worcester Sun coverage
Today Worcester Games debuts two free, easy to play games developed by Worcester Sun.

Re-imagining Notre Dame makes downtown dollars and sense

There’s so much value in old buildings, including economic value. New Sun contributor Joyce Mandell explores spots in Worcester that have benefited greatly from vision and preservation, rather than the wrecking ball. She believes Notre Dame des Canadiens Church downtown holds similar possibilities.

Ray Mariano: Losing friends over the election

“Somewhere along the way, we stopped seeing the other side as friends and neighbors. We no longer just disagree with them; we have no respect for them.” Worcester’s Raymond V. Mariano has seen the inside of many political campaigns. One of Whitey Bulger’s goons even sought him out in South Boston once. The former mayor and housing authority director — and the Sun’s newest contributor — has advice all of us can follow on the day after the election. It just might help make our nation stronger.

Tips from the Pros: Small business owners, employees should consider staying flexible with FSAs

“These flexible spending programs have been around for quite some time, but typically have only been popular with larger companies. Smaller businesses tend to see reservations from both employer and employee perspectives.” Vanessa Costa, cofounder of a Worcester-based benefits management firm, weighs in on why now might be the right time to stretch your comfort zone and get a little more flexible, no matter the size of your business.

Worcester Sun, Aug. 17: In this issue

New in the Sun! We introduce Tips from the Pros, an occasional advice series. Grace Ross mixing it up with state officials on foreclosures. Worcester gets in on $90M homeless initiative. Thoughts on a better way to solve the panhandling problem. And more in your Wednesday, Aug. 17, Worcester Sun.

What if … Worcester: Dateline 2076 — City hosts Olympic games as new format spreads benefits, burdens around the globe

“The new initiative is made possible through recent developments in automation and sub-orbital flight, which have deeply slashed travel time and cost. ‘Transportation breakthroughs, host city expenses, and crowd security made us rethink why everyone has to be gathered in one place,” said Olympics 2076 Committee Chairman Peter Theroux. “That was 20th-century thinking. Now traveling from Worcester to Johannesburg is as easy, and almost as cheap as, taking a short car ride.’ ”