On Beacon Hill: Question 4 to legalize marijuana sparks down-to-the-wire debate — an Election Day primer

“I’m reminded of Big Tobacco. Their first job — make no mistake about it — is to make money. They will always put profits over people,” AG Maura Healey said last week. Public polls indicate Mass. voters are inclined to approve the question, despite overwhelming opposition from the state’s political establishment. But Healey says voters should not put their faith in the Legislature to fix perceived problems with the law. All you ever wanted to know about Question 4, and more.

Editorial: ‘Yes’ on Question 3

 | Ballot Question 3 would mandate more humane treatment of egg-laying hens, pigs and calves. The key argument against passage is that it will raise consumer prices. That argument lays an egg (pun intended), so we urge you to vote ‘yes’ on 3.

Editorial: ‘No’ on Question 4 — recreational marijuana can wait

With passage of marijuana ballot measures in 2008 and 2012, the state has struck a reasonable balance on regulation vs. latitude with respect to this mind-altering drug. Let’s not tip the balance further. Marijuana is still a danger, even more so than decades ago, and the state’s proposed new regulations are not yet ready for this fight.

Editorial: ‘No’ on Question 2

The state’s second ballot question is not an easy decision. The proposal to raise the state’s cap on charter schools requires study and thought, including weighing passionate arguments and sometimes conflicting information. The way becomes clearer when we step back from the bitterness of this fight and focus on the public school system’s core purpose. Check back with Worcester Sun for our thoughts on Question 4 and Trump vs. Clinton.

Endorsement: Joe Petty for mayor, for now

Joe Petty has run a campaign highlighting the long-term values of collaboration and economic development. His primary competitor, Mike Gaffney, has run a campaign that stresses the lack of a direct impact these policies have on many city residents.

Endorsements: Six for School Committee

The next School Committee will be dealing with a Level 3 district with schools in much need of repair or replacement, high-stakes testing concerns and a not-always-collegial working relationship with the City Council — oh, and finding a new superintendent.