Randell: City Council talks Mount Carmel, keeps passing the buck

“I can’t argue that this is an important issue to many residents (and, it doesn’t hurt, many important people), but does the council really need to be heavily involved?” Bill Randell pinpoints councilors’ real “most important” job.

Randell: Cheers to another potential tool in Worcester’s tax battle

“My long-held hope is that instead of the same old, same old, the council would initiate work on each upcoming budget and not wait to make reactionary tax decisions. Maybe even tell the city manager they want a spending plan based on a tax levy they, themselves, recommend. I have some good news: It may actually happen this year, and it could be thanks to a councilor named Gaffney.”

Randell: OPEB contributions leave much to be desired

How do you feel about the city touting $2.1 million in contributions now knowing the liability increased more than $78 million in one year?” Bill Randell doesn’t feel great about it, that’s for sure. Find out why.

Randell: So, you think Worcester only raises taxes 2.5 percent every year? Think again.

“For the most part, the average taxpayer believes that the tax levy can only go up 2 ½ percent unless there is an override. But “new growth” caused a 4.4 percent increase for the current fiscal year and could do the same again. City businessman Bill Randell, and several savvy friends, say let’s put new growth in its place.

Bill Randell

Randell: The possibilities of Sarasota … and Worcester

“Every year when we visit my in-laws in Boca Raton, we check out the real estate on the East Coast as far south as Miami and Fort Lauderdale north to West Palm, but never find anything we really like.” Wouldn’t you know it, Bill Randell’s pet project — Worcester Regional Airport — might have presented him with an eye-opening opportunity.

Randell: Rumor has it, Rectrix just the start as Worcester Airport prepares for take-off

On the heels of news that Rectrix Commercial Aviation Services will move its maintenance operations to Worcester’s new $5 million Aerodome — and bring along its fleet of private jets, and most importantly new jobs — here are some of the other things we are hearing: Airport advocate and local businessman Bill Randell has the inside scoop on Worcester Regional Airport gaining altitude fast.

Randell: Close but no cigar? An idea to light a fire under Worcester Airport renaissance

“What if we were to get one of these flights for that other airport owned by Massport: Worcester Regional? Logan is already overcrowded, and it is not like Massport would be giving this flight to an airport it does not own.” Local businessman and ORH advocate Bill Randell poses an intriguing possibility to spur business and awareness on Airport Hill.