Sina-cism: Let’s reclaim the liberal arts from today’s liberals

“If Clark were truly a liberal campus, someone would have asked speaker Jacqueline Patterson to explain ‘deep democracy.’ They might have pointed out that the ‘extraction/consumption’ economy we call capitalism has enabled hundreds of millions of humans to escape poverty, while radical alternatives such as socialism and communism have sent hundreds of millions to their deaths.”

Sina-cism: Worcester — the mayhem on main streets

“As if the walkers and drivers weren’t creating enough problems, the city has in recent months seen the rise of swerving, featuring packs of Epsilon-Minus Semi-Morons — also known as youths (some as young as eight) who amuse themselves by traveling in packs on major thoroughfares, weaving among cars, snarling traffic and fraying nerves.”

Sina-cism: For those taking a knee, it’s 4th down

“Our stand-up-for-Old-Glory billionaire president, who in his spare time runs the country, was both impetuous and intemperate in his recent spats with the kneel-during-the-anthem millionaires who in their spare time play football. But Trump was also mostly right.”

Sina-cism: Railers follow in IceCats’, Sharks’ tracks — but, how closely?

“The Railers are one of 27 teams in the ECHL, a league born only in 1988, but which already has 57 former or defunct franchises on its résumé. Will the Railers fare any better than the Greenville Grrrowl or the Huntsville Blast? One hopes so. But does it matter? Why measure the success of sports franchises in terms of money and longevity? Like many other institutions, large and small, they have played a role in our civic life.”

Sina-cism: DACA’s demise clears way for real reform

“However much we may feel for anyone caught in the politics of DACA, the key issue is not their moral character or intent, or what becomes of them — it is finding a long-term solution to our immigration questions. Trump has rightly put immigration back with the legislative branch.”

Sina-cism: An Italian coast steeped in history

We moderns too often view history in a linear way, assuming that, over time, things will improve and progress. Or, at the least, that the past is gone forever. In Southern Italy, history is better viewed cyclically. Life clings to the rocks here, as it always has.

Sina-cism: Echoes of the battle of Charlottesville

“I have no interest in apportioning blame for the clashes in Charlottesville. The day’s events were tragic and unnecessary. But that day is done. My interest is in whether we correctly understand the meaning of these events and what comes next.”