The Balancing Act: The disconnect

“Social movements are the case studies most entrepreneurs are not reading. While their eyes are rampantly skimming through business books in search of the Golden Rule of success, they have overlooked the possibilities made through social movements and have failed to adopt some of their practices.”

Fitness fans flock to Worcester’s last gym

“New Year’s memberships spikes aren’t unusual, but the question is why people are beginning to return to exercising, at a time when, according to a FOXNN poll, 93 percent of people report they are happy with their body image.”

A Mother’s Journey: The tipping point

“For us to obtain that stickiness factor that Gladwell writes about, we must first learn to educate our audience on why they need STEM/STEAM learning. We must break through the notion that STEM/STEAM learning is a luxury rather than a necessity, and we must be inclusive and offer our services throughout various outlets.”