A Mother’s Journey: The shape of the city

“Browsing the Internet usually leaves you with a headache, but every once in awhile it will surprise you with a few gems. Last week, while on my ‘downtime’ – my new term for those times I find myself procrastinating – I stumbled across an interesting article about building a city, and of course, I instantly thought of Worcester. I wondered: Do they have a great master plan like this one?”

A Mother’s Journey: The risk-taker’s lament

“Entrepreneurship comes with a strange stigma. We are thought of as risk-takers, aggressive leaders, adopters of ‘unusual points of view’ — to quote a recent comment made to me at a networking event – and often we’re deemed simply unfit for the corporate culture.”

Thirteen stripes, 13 sponsors — selling out the American flag

“A Worcester company has become the 13th and final firm whose name will appear on the New Flag of the United States of America. For $2 trillion, D&A Cybernetics purchased the rights to place its moniker and logo within the red bottom stripe of the flag.”

A Mother’s Journey: The gentrification exasperation

“If Worcester can stop trying to be like everyone else for one second, it can make a difference in the lives of many small-business owners and residents. It can prevent the negative effects of gentrification and it can make Worcester the next vibrant destination for potential residents, developers and startups.”

A Mother’s Journey: The gauntlet of transitions

As we approach our second year of homeschooling our daughters Brooklyn and Evian, we are accompanied by many transitions: new grade levels, new expectations, new schedules and new changes. Transition is the shadow that never leaves. Unless you have given up on the path of life you’ve chosen – and we have no intention of doing that.