Destructive climate erupts at Clark meat-eater protest

As temperatures across the country topped 105 degrees for the 13th straight day, protesters nationwide have embarked on campaigns to eradicate monuments and memorials to anyone who had contributed to the current climate change by consuming meat.

The incredible journey of Augustine Kanjia continues … Beyond My Limit

Many unanswered questions came to mind. I hoped it was a boarding school because I could not travel from Daru to Segbwema every day, and I knew no one who lived in that town. Suffering was hanging over my head. I cried alone when I had no answers for these questions. I cried aloud at one point, prompting everyone in sight to look at me.

Little Free Libraries

A Mother’s Journey: The ‘Mini’ Series

“Our network of community leaders has embraced our mission to put books in the hands of thousands of children by the end of 2018. Not only did we listen to the community about its want for more access to books, but we involved the community directly with the project.” The Learning Hub, in partnership with Action! Worcester, recently launched Little Free Libraries in Worcester. Learn how they brought it all together.

Augustine Kanjia’s incredible journey continues … A Good Result That Left Me in Tears

The teachers had to punish me for telling the headmaster what I should have kept secret. I was given 24 lashes with a stick. While in pain, my result was released. It cured me, but I was still in tears as I heard teachers talk about my good result but lack of money to even go for the intake interview. The days went by fast and I still had no money. Omolé, our illicitly distilled liquor, was helpful.

A Mother’s Journey: The sincerest form of thievery

“Imitating your creative heroes and entrepreneurs is hard not to do. It is most often the influence of others that sparks our own inner conversations about what is important to us as entrepreneurs and business owners. At some point, though, imitating turns into downright stealing.”

Augustine Kanjia’s incredible journey continues … Exam Day Distress Becomes Lesson in Perseverance

“We looked for shade to sit and wait for the others as we cooled down. Some children were wandering around, but it was a holiday for them because of the exams for us younger students. They bumped into us. I became their target since I was tiny and going to high school. One of them came and accused me of taking their ball, which was going to be the center of the problem.”

A Mother’s Journey [Part 48]: The look of leadership

“At times, I feel that despite our progress as Latinas, as women, as African Americans, we will never be more than just a stereotype in the business world – always taking orders and never giving them. … Diversity in the workplace, especially in entrepreneurship, is crucial. In fact, in my eyes, it is the tipping point for innovation.”