State of Politics: Cannabis commissioners eye swift director hire

Tuesday the Cannabis Control Commission approved a job description for the executive director and set out a timeline to hire that person. Plus: Video of Charlie Baker talking Trump tactics and the future of health care. And, survey says: the state’s transportation needs improvement.

On Beacon Hill: No way, Jose — a cloudy forecast for health care

In about 13 months, Charlie Baker and Elizabeth Warren will most likely be the highest-profile candidates on their respective party’s ticket. But last week, with the threat of block-granting Medicaid bearing down, they were on the same page. That wasn’t the case for GOP leaders in D.C. Plus, Markey, Sanders, Polito, Evangelidis and the Worcester-Amazon dance.

Editorial: Oohs and aahs for ofo

There’s something new and noticeable on the streets of Worcester: bright-yellow bikes from a sharp young company in China. Adding to the fun, Worcester’s only the second U.S. city to get the ofo bike-sharing system — further proof we’re on a roll.

Editorial: Bring the ‘A’ game

It’s a new academic year in Worcester this week — assuming the bus drivers union steers clear of an ill-advised strike — and the slate is (mostly) clean. Teachers have a new contract, school officials have plans and ideas for the future, and students have the relaxing buffer of summer under their belt. We have one piece of advice to everyone involved, and not just for the first day but all 180: Do your best.

Mandell: A San Francisco/East Bay wake-up call — will Worcester’s renaissance benefit all?

No, this is not India, but the United States. How can this injustice be sustainable? How would it be different here if we all were committed to building fair, healthy and loving places? Maybe I do need the Kleenex the homeless man tried to give me on the BART train ride. … Not only is the renaissance on the horizon, but we need to plan for the negative impacts of growth as well — that many of us will be closed out of its benefits.

Editorial: Investments big and small

Large-scale developments in downtown Worcester affirm the value we place in the city in which we live, work and play. But out of the limelight and without fanfare, development is happening throughout the city. We salute the developments that otherwise go unnoticed and lament the ones that got away.