Sina-cism: An Italian coast steeped in history

We moderns too often view history in a linear way, assuming that, over time, things will improve and progress. Or, at the least, that the past is gone forever. In Southern Italy, history is better viewed cyclically. Life clings to the rocks here, as it always has.

Dark tourism: Why tourists go to sites associated with death and suffering

“I am an educator of the Holocaust, and my travel course takes students through Central Europe to a number of Holocaust sites. The aim is to provide students with a hands-on learning experience. However, some could well argue that this course is just another form of ‘dark tourism’ – an interest in locations that are associated with human suffering and death. What is so problematic about dark tourism? And are there redeeming features that make it worthwhile?” Daniel B. Bitran is a Professor of Psychology at the College of the Holy Cross. This article was originally published on The Conversation.

Editorial: A week’s worth of fireworks in Worcester

In recent days there’s been some rapid-fire good news in Worcester. For instance: If you’re stuck in Cape traffic over the holiday, imagine being able to take a plane there from Worcester instead. That service debuted Thursday. (Now imagine being able to afford flying instead of driving. Oh, well — can’t have everything.) Here’s a look at some of the latest reasons things seem to be looking up for our city.

On Beacon Hill: A watched pot never boils

As Beacon Hill waited, last week provided enough actual news to fill what Gov. Charlie Baker described as the “black hole” that is the conference process. Plus, Warren, Polito, Eldridge and a White House rebuff.

Mariano: In praise of our teachers

“When I was a student, teachers were generally treated with respect. Over the last several years, we have seen and heard about many of our teachers who were knocked to the ground, some literally knocked unconscious, by disruptive students.”