A cleaner city is at your fingertips

A little extra care loading the recycling bin would help a lot in keeping litter where it belongs, especially on windy days. And when trash does get loose, please pick it up — even if it’s not “yours” — because those eyesores are everybody’s.

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Joyce Mandell, a community development specialist, urban studies professor and self-proclaimed rabble-rouser, initiated a blog, “Jane Jacobs in the Woo,” in 2016 to stimulate conversation and actions to build a vibrant Worcester, and was a founding member of Worcester’s Urban Planning Partnership (UPP). A resident of the city for over 20 years, she believes in the potential of Worcester, the power of praxis and the truth to be found both in stories and stillness. Jane Jacobs in the Woo will now be a regular feature in the Worcester Sun online and in print. Nov. 8, 2016, seemed a day of such promise.